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Solution to MLG coding problem for recruitment.

###The problem:

Create a Rails 3 application, complete with all unit and functional tests that:

· Accepts personal information (first name (required), last name (required), address (required), phone number (not required), email (required)) from both a form and via a Restful API · Saves records to an instance of MySQL · Provides a way to search the contacts database by name (support for partial matches not needed) · Ensures the application performs validations where appropriate


· On successful creation of a new account, inform a queue (e.g. Redis, Sparrow, etc.) that a new account was created · Write a listener for the queue that will update account record to indicate that it was "verified" · Demonstrate a set of integration test(s) to verify the system works appropriately


The rails application deployed here

Queue used: beanstalkd
Beanstalk client: the stalker:start rake task (uses Stalker gem)
Tests: rake:test

The Code.

The most relevant code is in the following files -

app/controllers/accounts_controller.rb : contains the Account controller along with the search action

app/models/account.rb : contains the Account model, which has the methods for informing the queue, and another one for marking an account as verified

lib/jobs.rb : defines the "account.verify" worker that picks up items from the queue and executes them in the background.

lib/tasks/jobs.rake : the rake task that starts the worker that can perform the background job by picking up items from the queue.

test/unit/account_test.rb : unit tests for the account model

test/functional/account_controller_test.rb : functional tests - tests the actions in the AccountsController.

test/integration/account_creation_flow_test.rb : tests the steps in the flow for account creation - filling the form, creation of account record, and showing the account page

test/integration/background_job_flow_test.rb: tests the flow of the rails application inserting a background job to the Queue.