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The first open source crowdfunding platform in the world
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The first open source crowdfunding platform in the world

Welcome to Catarse's source code repository. Our goal with opening the source code is to stimulate the creation of a community of developers around a high-quality crowdfunding platform.

You can see the software in action in



This software was first created as Brazil's first crowdfunding platform. Thus, it was made in Portuguese. We are now beginning to internationalize it. If you want to join us in this effort, please feel free to fork the repository and send as a pull request with your changes. If you have any doubt, please join our Google Group at and we will help you.

Thanks a lot to Daniel Walmsley, from, for starting the internationalization and beginning the english translation.

Payment gateways

Currently, we only support MoIP, which is a brazilian payment gateway. We need to create different options of payment gateways so each site can chose which gateways to use.

I'm thinking of a Rails Engine for each gateway, since we're gonna need to change some views to match each gateway's requirements. If you want your site to use a different gateway, please join us and help us creating this infrastructure.

Best practices

Even though you have the right to use this source code with freedom, according to MIT's license, we'll appreciate if you give back the fruits of your work to the community.

Our goal is to spread crowdfunding across the world, in a collaborative and creative environment. Thus, if you want to use Catarse as a starting point to your website, please be sure to respect our visual identity and create a new SASS for your site :) we want to see your site go live, but with your personality, not ours.

Powered by Catarse

We at are willing to host your crowdfunding website at Catarse's infrastructure. We call this service a “powered by Catarse” website. It's basically a different SASS (CSS for grown-ups) and some HAML/Slim (HTML for grown-ups) for each site, and different projects on each site. But they run on the same Rails processes.

If you want to host your website with us, please contact us at

You can learn how to create your own website powered by Catarse here:

Getting started

We currently have a great blog post in Portuguese, written by Relsi Hur Maron, with a step-by-step guide on how to run and start developing Catarse on your environment. Check it on and have fun!

Thanks a lot to Relsi for the post and for adventuring into undocumented lands :)

Anyone willing to translate it to English?

How to contribute

Before contributing, take a look at our Roadmap ( and see what we are needing.

After that, just fork the project, change what you want, and send us a pull request.

We use RSpec and Steak for the tests, and the best practices are:

  • Try and keep the models with 100% of coverage (using rcov)

  • Create acceptance tests for everything that has an user interface (currently lacking a lot of attention)

  • Create controller tests only for functionalities that are not covered by acceptance testes. I mean: we give priority to acceptance tests over controller tests.

Currently, a lot (lot!) of functionality are not tested. If you don't know how to start contributing, please help us regaining control over the code and write a few tests for us! Any doubt, please join our Google Group at and we will help you out.


Author: Daniel Weinmann

Contributors: Daniel Walmsley, Diogo Biazus


Copyright © 2011 Softa

Licensed under the MIT (see MIT-LICENSE file)

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