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LiveRebel Deploy Plugin for Bamboo

LiveRebel Deploy Plugin helps to run updates to your JEE containers faster. LiveRebel is a tool for hot updates without downtime, lost sessions and OutOfMemoryErrors. You have to have a running LiveRebel installed to use this plugin. More information on the official website

Installation for development

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Install Atlassian SDK
  3. Run atlas-run in plugin directory. To develop Bamboo plugin with JRebel, specify your jrebel.jar location in the jvmArgs like so: -javaagent:/Path/To/jrebel.jar then you have to manually remove all occurances of javarebel-sdk-1.2.2.jar from bamboo.war, bamboo-orginal.war and webapps folder
  4. Setup LiveRebel
    • Open http://localhost:6990/bamboo/
    • Log in with username: admin password: admin
    • Go to Administration > LiveRebel Configuration
    • Enter URL and authentication token for LiveRebel Command Center
  5. Make changes to code
  6. Refresh http://<bamboo>/plugins/servlet/fastdev to reload your changes