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Welcome to the GiantRobots project. This open source repository is a part of ZeroTurnaround's plan to dominate humanity by building and deploying Giant Robots. This repository holds the plans for the (obsolete) [Giant Robot Mark 1](Research/GiantRobots Mark 1.jpg) and the current [Giant Robot Mark 2](Research/GiantRobots Mark 2.jpg) as well as open sourced materials to build your own corporation bent on world domination.

World Domination

Enslaving humanity and achieving world domination is not an easy thing to do, otherwise you would already be enslaved by someone. We cannot take over the world ourselves, just like that, we need a structured plan with a good dose of kick ass. In our case we got more than enough kick ass, as we are deep into the research and development for creating Giant Robots which we will use as part of an army to enslave the human race.

I know what you're thinking, "How can you build Giant Robots to enslave humanity when Google hold all the patents?", right? Well, this sure did [slow down our development](Operations/Legal report on Giant Robot Mark 1.pdf?raw=true) but we are confident we have an innovative design which doesn't encroach on the IP of competitors who are trying to achieve the same goals as us.

Open Source

This announcement should not strike fear into anyone. Yes we're trying to dominate humanity, yes, we're trying to enslave you and all of your friends and families, but we will be doing it, as… an Open Source Company. As part of the new direction the entire company will become open source. How can you fear open source? Everyone loves it! And you'll learn to love us and see us less as dictators and more as your family. You'll consider the Giant Robots less as your captors and more as your police. You'll enjoy your new lives, we'll make sure you do.

Navigating the Repository

This repository contains the following materials:

  • Enforcement: Developing military strategy and policing force to help support the Giant Robots.
  • Operations: Business planning, resource acquisition and operational logistics.
  • Propaganda: Crowd appeasement and control, personality cult development and seeding dissatisfaction and collaboration.
  • Recruitment: Personnel acquisition, appeasement and control.
  • Research: Giant Robots plans, prototypes, test logs.


GiRoFE is an open-source research project that aims to make the creation and customization of Giant Robots accessible to everyone. It is provided under the very permissive ZT4U license that is based on GPLv2.97 with notable additions from BSD, Apache2, MIT and MPL (see COPYING for details).

How to build your own robots

The designs can be easily built with RoBuMa (Robot Building Machine) v0.9 or later. You merely need to load the files onto Secure Storage Slices and introduce them at exactly 17 second intervals, failure to respect this rhythm can yield unpredictable results. Note that ZeroTurnaround is not responsible for any injury sustained byt trying to build GiantRobots.

How to invade the world

Since the invasion of the 'Modern World As We Know It' is already underway by our ZeroTurnaround, we strongly suggest that you find another Modern World. Alternatively, you can join our forces and make the invasion even more successful. We've got a wonderful Tiny Robot for everyone that makes a useful contribution.

Don't forget: The Robots Are Your Friends alpha

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