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ZeroVM gcc toolchain

How to build the full toolchain from scratch

Install Prerequisites

Ubuntu 12.04

Toolchain requires multiple dependencies, including zerovm-zmq-dev. To install zerovm-zmq-dev, first choose from one of the following PPAs:

Add the PPA to your sources list:

sudo apt-get install python-software-properties
sudo add-apt-reposistory ppa:zerovm-ci/zerovm-latest
# or 'sudo add-apt-repository ppa:zerovm-ci/zerovm-stable'
sudo apt-get update

Install dependencies:

sudo apt-get install libc6-dev-i386 libglib2.0-dev pkg-config git \
    build-essential automake autoconf libtool g++-multilib texinfo \
    flex bison groff gperf texinfo subversion \

Setup Environment Variables

You need to set them up prior to building anything. We'll use the following variables:

  • ZVM_PREFIX: should point to an empty writable directory all files will be installed here after make install
  • ZRT_ROOT: should point to git clone of zrt repository
  • LD_LIBRARY_PATH: library path for (from zvm-validator)
  • CPATH: include directory containing zvm.h (from zerovm-zmq-dev)

We will use these values for this guide:

export ZVM_PREFIX=$HOME/zvm-root
export ZRT_ROOT=$HOME/zrt
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib64
export CPATH=/usr/x86_64-nacl/include

Clone Things

git clone $ZRT_ROOT

git clone $HOME/zvm-toolchain
cd $HOME/zvm-toolchain/SRC
git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone

Build Toolchain

cd $HOME/zvm-toolchain
make -j8 ZEROVM=`which zerovm`  # e.g., '/usr/bin/zerovm'

If something goes wrong you will need to delete everything (apart from zerovm and validator) in the $ZVM_PREFIX directory and only then do make clean and make (this is how the gcc toolchain works, sadly).

Example of cleanup procedures:

cd $HOME/zvm-toolchain
make clean
rm -rf *
make install PREFIX=$ZVM_PREFIX

Install Debugger

Debugger prerequisites:

sudo apt-get install flex bison groff libncurses5-dev libexpat1-dev

cd $HOME/zvm-toolchain/SRC
git clone
cd gdb
mkdir BUILD
../configure --program-prefix=x86_64-nacl- --prefix=$ZVM_PREFIX
make -j4
make install