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# ZeroVM Sample

A set of samples demonstrating usage and building of the ZeroVM runtime.

## Instructions

Set `ZVM_PREFIX` to wherever ZeroVM was installed. For example, if ZeroVM
was installed to `/usr/bin/zerovm` run the following:  `ZVM_PREFIX=/usr make`.

## Samples

* `disort` - An example of distributed sort using 3 kind of application sources,
destination, manager that interacts as nodes, and implements networking
communication. Local sort uses high performance bitonic sort for sse41
instructions set, or qsort from c std library for another cpu instructions
set. Currently network organized by 10 source, 10 destination and one
manager nodes. Count of nodes and amount of sorting data are possible
to config. Source data generates by generator application, and should
be run separately from sorting job.

* `hello` - A simple example demonstrating how to write a program for ZeroVM.

* `reqrep` - This example uses a network facility. It emulates a
simple network, where two nodes are communicating one to one. It can work
in two modes: Mode 1 - Single node sending N MB and receives the same
from another node. Mode 2 - one node sends and another node receives
data in cycle.

* `sort_paging` - High performance sort contains 3 programs which create
random data, sort it and test sort order. From this example you can see
how to use intrinsics under ZeroVM. Also this is another example of pagination
mechanism. Does check for sse41.

* `tarimage` - Nvram usage demo. User specified tarball archive
and using nvram mechanism image contents are injected into user file
system and listing it by `readdir`.

* `time` - Via the ZeroVM API user program can get date/time
specified in environment variable `TmeStamp`. If there is no such env
var then user program will get `-1 (1969-12-31 time = 23:59:59 UTC)`.

* `wordcount` - Distributed application that uses map/reduce and
networking libraries. It calculates count of words in provided input
files; One file per one map node is setup by design.

* `zshell` - Run lua scripts and sql queries via single ZeroVM
executable and various manifest files. Python scripting is also


Sample code and libraries built for ZeroVM



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