libzerovm as embeddable component #265

ccaapton opened this Issue Mar 13, 2014 · 3 comments

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It will be great if zerovm could be provided as a library, and be able to embedded into other programs, like python/v8/haskell, etc

This will be very valuable for the jit languages, and haskell in particular, by providing a safer native ffi. Haskell ffi need to keep the side-effects of called code as less as possible, and this is exactly where nacl SFI is good at.

On the otherhand, this also means many non-core libraries/services(basically everything except sel_ldr&asm verifier) can be implemented in python/v8/haskell. With the strong type-safety and high performance of haskell, we can write a verified&fast tiny OS in pure functional language!

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I'm not the expert, but that sounds like a great idea to me!

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We certainly had that on the roadmap somewhere.

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it can be done to the new version of zerovm (which was 2) without much efforts. can we make a decision and schedule it or remove issue (move it to wishlist)?

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