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ZRT - ZeroVM Run-Time environment for user executables running on virtual hardware represented by ZeroVM. ZRT act as part of glibc library and implements zerovm platform dependent functions. ZVM toolchain must be used in order to create user applications;

Install & Run

  1. Install ZeroVM, Consult

  2. Install ZVM SDK. Consult

  3. Clone zrt source

    git clone
  4. Set environment variables (in ~/.bashrc, for example)

    ZVM_PREFIX    -path to zvm toolchain
    ZEROVM_ROOT   -path to ZEROVM folder, used for debugging with gdb
    ZRT_ROOT      -path to ZRT
    ZPYTHON_ROOT  -path to zpython port from cpython2 / cpython3

    For example:

    export ZEROVM_ROOT=${HOME}/zerovm
    export ZRT_ROOT=${HOME}/zrt
    export ZPYTHON_ROOT=${HOME}/zpython
  5. Build

    cd ${ZRT_ROOT}