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Welcome to TrackYourPenguin! TrackYourPenguin is a Club Penguin tracker system developed by Zerquix18. It's the most useful and complete tracker system ever made! It supports multiusers, multitrackers, multitweets and many other features!


  • Multiusers: You can have multiple users with 3 multiples roles: super admin, admin and updater.
  • Multitrackers: You can manage multiple trackers and send tweets with them, edit them, update them, change the font, everything easily!
  • Multitweets: You can add as many tweets as you want! And you can even send custom tweets through the update page. ;)
  • Logs: It logs every update, so you can manage everything what happens to your trackers.
  • Sessions: Multiple sessions for users. You can see what users (added by you) have logged in and even log 'em out!
  • User banning: You don't want anyone to update? You can ban it instead of delete them!
  • Updates: Every time that TrackYourPenguin has a new update with new features, you will be notified! Want to know something even better? You will be able to upgrade from the system!
  • Shortcodes for tweets: You can easily send the status, room, server and more in your tweets.
  • Multiple languages: Currently available in english and spanish.
  • Multple themes: You can choose among 6 beautiful themes!
  • Many more!


To download, just click on the button "Download ZIP" at the right -->


To read the installation guide and requirements, click here.


You can read the changelog here.

Last updates

You can go to the branch "master" to see the last updates! Those updates may have bugs or new features, or may not be stable. So to download a stable version, check the other branches. :P


TrackYourPenguin is a tracker system for Club Penguin.






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