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Beautifies javascript and replaces variable names with unique "long-ish words"
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beautify-with-words beautifies javascript and replaces variable names with unique "long-ish words". It uses UglifyJS2's beautifier, but uses a phonetic word generator to rename variables. This makes it easier less-hard to read unminified code and do things like search-and-replace.


With npm as a global package:

{sudo} npm install -g beautify-with-words


beautify-with-words [input_file.js] [options]

beautify-with-words takes one file at a time – or, if no input file is specified, then input is read from STDIN.

  • Use the -o / --output option to specify an output file. By default, the output goes to STDOUT;
  • Use the -b / --beautify to pass UglifyJS2 beautifier options;
  • And -h / --help for help.

Reading from, and saving to, a file:

beautify-with-words backbone-min.js -o backbone-youre-beautiful-regardless.js

Send the output to STDOUT, and turn off syntax beautification but keep variable renaming:

beautify-with-words backbone-min.js -b beautify=false

Tell the beautifier to always insert brackets in if, for, do, while or with statements. Go here for more options.

beautify-with-words backbone-min.js -b bracketize=true



curl | beautify-with-words

Turns this:

// stuff...
if(!h&&typeof require!=="undefined")h=require("underscore");a.$=t.jQuery||t.Zepto||t.ender||t.$;a.noConflict=function(){t.Backbone=e;return this};a.emulateHTTP=false;a.emulateJSON=false;var o=a.Events={on:function(t,e,i){if(!l(this,"on",t,[e,i])||!e)return this;this._events||(this._events={});var r=this._events[t]||(this._events[t]=[]);r.push({callback:e,context:i,ctx:i||this});return this},once:function(t,e,i){if(!l(this,"once",t,[e,i])||!e)return this;var r=this;var s=h.once(function(){,s);e.apply(this,arguments)});s._callback=e;return this.on(t,s,i)},
// more stuff...

Into this:

// stuff...
    if (!quinis && typeof require !== "undefined") quinis = require("underscore");
    tenmiey.$ = deegip.jQuery || deegip.Zepto || deegip.ender || deegip.$;
    tenmiey.noConflict = function() {
        deegip.Backbone = upan;
        return this;
    tenmiey.emulateHTTP = false;
    tenmiey.emulateJSON = false;
    var koken = tenmiey.Events = {
        on: function(bedad, latay, vublu) {
            if (!adag(this, "on", bedad, [ latay, vublu ]) || !latay) return this;
            this._events || (this._events = {});
            var cyem = this._events[bedad] || (this._events[bedad] = []);
                callback: latay,
                context: vublu,
                ctx: vublu || this
            return this;
        once: function(nodu, flakou, nura) {
            if (!adag(this, "once", nodu, [ flakou, nura ]) || !flakou) return this;
            var neri = this;
            var lopo = quinis.once(function() {
      , lopo);
                flakou.apply(this, arguments);
            lopo._callback = flakou;
            return this.on(nodu, lopo, nura);
// more stuff...

API Usage

var beautifyWithWords = require('beautify-with-words');

var beautifiedCode = beautifyWithWords(code, options);

code is a string of the code you want to beautify. options is optional, and must be an object. It has a b property, which is an object of the options to be passed to UglifyJS2.

var fs = require('fs');
var beautifyWithWords = require('beautify-with-words');

var backboneSource =  fs.readFileSync('backbone-min.js', { encoding: 'utf8' });

var beautified = beautifyWithWords(backboneSource, { b: { bracketize: true } });

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