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This is a proposal for the zmarkown template to help compile Markdown to LaTeX.

Credits go to :

  • Karnaj, for the original template and many improvements.
  • Heziode, for later improvements.
  • pierre-24, maintainer of the repository.



You need a standard (full) LaTeX distribution:

  • Windows: MikTeX
  • Mac OS X: MacTeX
  • Linux: TeXLive is probably available in your favorite package manager.

Since this template uses the minted package you also need Pygments, probably available in your package manager on Linux or via pip:

pip install Pygments

You also need these fonts:

Other images formats

To be able to use GIF and SVG images in your documents, two extra programs are needed:

  • librsvg, which uses cairo to convert svg to pdf, and is available under the name librsvg2-bin in many package managers ;
  • The convert program, part of the imagemagick tools suite, to convert GIF to PNG. It is probably also available in your package manager.

Package installation

If you are a developer wanting to help, you can clone this package anywhere and just use the Makefile to run the tests (see

To use this package normally, you need to clone it into your TXMFHOME/tex/latex/ directory (you can know to which location TXMFHOME corresponds by running kpsewhich -var-value TEXMFHOME, but probably $HOME/texmf/). Note that you don't need to run texhash. More information is given for example here.

This repo uses submodules. After clone this repo, in root folder of the project, execute this command to download the submodules: git submodule update --init --recursive.

Note that this package requires lualatex to be called with the -shell-escape option (because of minted).

Testing and using

The different macros and environment are defined in zmdocument.cls and documented in Here is a skeleton on what your LaTeX document should contain:


\licence[path/to/image]{Licence name}{URL} % optional
\logo{logo.png}  % if ./logo.png is available


%% ... The rest of your document

See the test.tex file in tests for an example usage of the document class.




LaTeX template used for PDF exports








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