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This repository forms the basis for zmarkdown, the JavaScript project intended to replace Python-ZMarkdown, the current Markdown engine powering Zeste de Savoir.

It is a collection of packages extending the remark processor and its MDAST syntax tree, rehype (for HTML processing) and textr (text transformation framework). It also provides MDAST to LaTeX compilation via rebber (and its plugins).



  • node >= 8
  • npm >= 6


  1. clone
  2. npm install
  3. npm run bootstrap

This project uses Jest for testing. It is recommended to install the Jest CLI tools globally, and run Jest in watch mode when developing.

  • npm install -g jest
  • jest --watch --notify (--notify sends desktop notifications when tests run)

Running the Tests

  • npm run test

    This script tests all packages.

  • npm run clean

    This script clears local dependencies, reinstalls the project and runs all tests.



MIT © Zeste de Savoir