Minimal template for a Zest application
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ZestJS Simple Server Template

From the ZestJS Quick Start at


First ensure both Volo and the Zest-Server command line tools are installed with npm (provided by the nodejs install):.

  npm install volo zest-server -g

You will need to run this with admin privileges.

Then create this template with volo:

 volo create folder_name zestjs/template-basic

Note: on windows you may need to separately type npm install from the project folder to download the node dependencies.


Type zest from the created project folder to run the server.

Then navigate to http://localhost:8080 in the browser.

Also navigate to http://localhost:8080/sometext to see routing in action.


To run a build, simply run zest in the production environment, by initiating the site with:

  zest start production

from the project folder.

This will build the necessary browser files into one file including -

  • Templates are compiled
  • CSS and LESS is inlined into script
  • CoffeeScript is compiled if using require-coffee