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how to generate an sdist generated without uploading it? #45

WouterVH opened this Issue Sep 25, 2013 · 3 comments


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My use-case: make a release, create an sdist-egg and scp this tarball to some location that serves as index-server.

For this I'm trying to use zest.releaser + gocept.zestreleaser.customupload (v1.4)

I configure my .pypirc as specified in the docs of gocept.zestreleaser.customupload,
but there is no sdist created that can be scp'ed.

It seems the generation of an sdist depends on the presence of a[distutils]-section in .pypirc, but you can't leave this empty without breaking things

So the question boils down to: how to create a tarball of the package without uploading with via zest.releaser and defer it to gocept.zestreleaser.customupload

Maybe I'm missing something obvious.

Note to self: I found following work-around:

in ~/.pypirc add a dummy entry:

index-servers = 

repository = xxx
usrname = xxx
password= xxx

in setup.cfg on your package, avoid uploading to it

# cfr. http://zestreleaser.readthedocs.org/en/latest/uploading.html#pypi-configuration-file-pypirc
index-servers =

mauritsvanrees commented Sep 25, 2013

Usually, you would at least have your account for pypi.python.org in there:

index-servers =


I could look into checking if this can be made optional, to suit gocept.zestreleaser.customupload and friends.


mauritsvanrees commented Sep 25, 2013

I have released 3.47 with the fix.

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