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Zesty.io Accounts User Interface

Application for managing your account, instances, teams and blueprints within the Zesty.io CMS

Browser Support



We are working towards the PRPL pattern for delivering a PWA as described by Addy Osmani on developers.google.com

Currently we bundle our "sub-apps" individually but include them all on initial load. Eventually we want these bundles to be loaded on demand when their views are visited and the code becomes necessary.


We use Redux for managing our state and follow a single app store pattern. All persistent application state is maintained in a single global store.

Design System

The Zesty.io design system is our central location for components and patterns which are shared across our various external and internal applications. Our design system follows the atomic design pattern popularized by Brad Frost.

Can be installed via npm install @zesty-io/core into any application. This is under active development and will have major breaking changes until we land 1.0. NOT PRODUCTION READY

Error Handling

User Notifications

When ever possible we want to communicate useful information to end users when errors occur. Using our global notification component we are able to provide a consistent and learned behavior for our users to understand when actions are successful or fail. As well as hopefully being able to provide a solution to failures.

Error Aggregation

Being aware of errors your users experience is an important part of iterating and improving upon an application. We use Sentry for error aggregation in order to capture, debug and report on code quality.


npm start

This will install all necessary dependencies and do a development build which will begin watching your files and rebuild when changes occur. You will need the complete stack running in order to load the account-ui.


npm test

We write and run our end-to-end tests using cypress.io. Tests require the complete platform stack to be running.

Running Locally & Deploying

This application is configured to run and deploy against our internal stack and process. As such we do not provide a way to run on localhost.

When deploying it is important to use the npm run build-production command as this will cause a production webpack build which adds large optimizations to the bundle size and runtime code.

Copyright (C) Zesty.io Inc.