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ZetaChain is a layer 1 blockchain and developer platform that connects any L1 and L2, from Ethereum to Bitcoin and beyond. Access all of crypto in one place.

Welcome to ZetaChain đź‘‹


ZetaChain is a blockchain focused on interoperability. It provides an EVM-based platform for developers to build and deploy omnichain contracts, which can be called from any connected chain, including Bitcoin. It also supports cross-chain messaging between connected chains.

Build an Omnichain dApp

Validate on the Network

Contribute to the Project

ZetaChain's blockchain node implements the core protocol, written in Go using Cosmos SDK and Comet BFT. Protocol contracts implement the core protocol and are deployed on ZetaChain and on connected chains, written in Solidity. See the list of pinned repos below for the projects to contribute to.

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  1. zetachain zetachain Public

    ZetaChain monorepo

    TypeScript 383 211

  2. node node Public

    ZetaChain’s blockchain node and an observer validator client

    Go 125 74

  3. template template Public template

    A smart contract template for ZetaChain for building omnichain and cross-chain messaging contracts

    JavaScript 131 61

  4. network-athens3 network-athens3 Public

    genesis, script, docs for athens3

    Shell 40 55

  5. protocol-contracts protocol-contracts Public

    Protocol contracts implementing the core logic of the protocol, deployed on ZetaChain and on connected chains

    TypeScript 55 44

  6. example-contracts example-contracts Public

    A collection of example smart contract projects implementing omnichain and cross-chain messaging contracts on ZetaChain

    TypeScript 70 37


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