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Template object in custom functions / blocks
- The Template object is given as the first parameter to functions/methods
realizing a custom block or function, if activated via $sendTemplateObject.
Wouldn't it be better to make it be used as the last parameter for BC
- Actually, it makes sense to put it as first argument because of functions
accepting a variable amount of parameters. It can't be a BC break as
it will only effect situations where you enable this explicitly. Of
course, when you enable it, you need to change your custom function
as well. I added a warning to the docs about it.
- The tests for this feature could be more exact, they only check
get_class($template->usedConfiguration), which should usually be the same.
I'd expect that they check of the correct Template instance was submitted.
- I agree, but I've no idea on how to do that. I modified it now to test
at least that there is a ezcTemplate object being passed.
Fixed issue #11228: Cannot supply an absolute Win32-Path to $t->process()
- The patch (r5906:5889) does not seem to fix the actual issue for me, since
it only replaces ezcBaseFile::isAbsolutepath() with a manual check for
absolute Unix paths. Absolute Windows paths should still not be
- Actually, the swap is the other way. It's changed from
$this->properties["stream"][0] != "/" to
!ezcBaseFile::isAbsolutepath($this->properties["stream"]). Which seems
to be correct.
- The test also do not reflect the behavior indicated by the issue title.
- I added a specific test for Windows for it as well.
Location suppport
- Does not seem to be tested, `grep -r -i 'locator' Template/tests/*|grep -v svn`
gave no results.
- I've actually no clue what it's supposed to do either. The normal
override location stuff that eZ Publish needs is however tested and
implemented. I'll ask Ray what this is supposed to be.
Implementation of {capture}
- Seems not to be mentioned in the ChangeLog.
- Why are type hints in ezcTemplateCaptureTstNode::__construct() and
ezcTemplateTstNode::__construct() commented?
- I added it to the ChangeLog, tutorial and ENBF. The typehints I
uncommented as well. No idea why they were commented out - remember that
I inherited this component.
- Variable amount of parameters for functions not mentioned in ChangeLog.
- Variable amount of parameters for blocks not mentioned in ChangeLog.
- Variable amount of parameters for blocks seems not to be tested.
- I added a test case for this, added entries to the ChangeLog and mentioned
this feature in the documentation.
- Why does the date_format() template function also support timestamps and not
only DateTime objects? Though we have date_format_timestam() for these.
date_format() should throw an exception if not a DateTime object is received
of date_format_timestamp() should dispatch to ezcTemplateDate::date(), too.
I'd prefer the first solution.
- Fixed, I also added it to the docs from which it was missing.
- "Made named parameters work with PHP 5.1.6." is a bit misleading, since
actually an exception is throwen if < 5.2.
- Removed it from the changelog, as we don't support 5.1.6 anymore.
- The tutorial SVN log does not note that any of the changes made it in the
tutorial so far.
- I have already added the translation stuff.