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ZetaPush Celtia Example


You don't want to install anything ? Try it on Katacoda !


npm install
cd src && npm install

React build

npm run build


Push your code on ZetaPush platform

npm run deploy -- --front src/build


Run your code on your local platform

npm run start -- --front src/build

Project structure

  ├── src (react application)
  │  ├── src
  │  ├── public
  │  ├── package.json
  ├── worker
  │  └── index.ts (api implementation)
  └── package.json

How it works?

Server side

Your server api in a plain old class defining your interface.


export default class Api {
  hello() {
    return `Hello World from Worker ${}`;

This code expose an API called hello which returns a string "Hello World from Worker" concatened with server timestamp.

You can use injected platform services with to following.

Dependency injection use injection-js

const { Injectable } = require('@zetapush/core');
const { Stack } = require('@zetapush/platform-legacy');

export default class Api {
  constructor(private stack: Stack) {}
  push(item) {
    return this.stack.push({ stack: 'list', data: item });
  list() {
    return this.stack.push({ stack: 'list' });

To consume an API in your front-end application you have to create a mapped method.

Client side

Register your API mapping class

const api = client.createProxyTaskService();

Invoke your remote API method

const message = await api.hello();