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Revenge of the Rogue (Wesnoth Campaign)
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Revenge of the Rogue

A user made campaign for The Battle for Wesnoth, a free/open source tactical strategy game.


After fleeing from an Orc horde, the former residents of a northern mountain city have been living as thieves and outlaws. Now under Edwin, the son of the last Steward, the ragtag group of outcasts are ready to retake their home.

How to play

You need Wesnoth first, see

If you just want to play this campaign, then you can choose Add-ons from the Wesnoth main menu and then search for Revenge of the Rogue.

How to develop

If you want to improve this campaign, then clone this git repository and put the files in the add on folder. On Linux, you can use a symlink like this:

git clone
cd rogue
ln -s `pwd`/Revenge_of_the_Rogue ~/.local/share/wesnoth/1.12/data/add-ons/

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