Gem wrapper to include the Modernizr.js library via the Rails 3.1 asset pipeline.
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The modernizr-rails gem will include the Modernizr.js library ( into your Rails 3.1 or higher app via the asset pipeline. This modernizr.js file was built using the builder located at with all options checked.

How to Use

Add the following to your GemFile:
gem 'modernizr-rails'

Then add the following to your application.js manifest:
//= require modernizr

Or to use the minified version:

//= require modernizr.min

Don't forget to run bundle update after upgrading to the latest gem version to ensure it's used by your rails app.

HTML5 Boilerplate Rails Application Template

If you're also a fan of the HTML5 Boilerplate project (, please check out a Rails 3.1 compatible application template I created that incorporates this Modernizr-Rails gem:

Push Requests

This is my first Ruby Gem so if there is anything that can be done better or you would like to see tweaked, please send me a push request.