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An API-first, open source software platform for the Internet of Things.
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AdamMagaluk Added npmignore to cut down on package size. (#371)
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npm notice 📦  zetta@1.5.1
npm notice === Tarball Contents ===
npm notice 1.6kB  package.json
npm notice 1.1kB  LICENSE
npm notice 2.3kB
npm notice 364B   zetta_runtime.js
npm notice 11.5kB zetta.js
npm notice 2.6kB  lib/api_formats/siren/device.siren.js
npm notice 1.0kB  lib/api_formats/siren/devices.siren.js
npm notice 1.1kB  lib/api_formats/siren/metadata.siren.js
npm notice 2.3kB  lib/api_formats/siren/server.siren.js
npm notice 733B   lib/api_formats/siren/type.siren.js
npm notice 820B   lib/api_resources/devices.js
npm notice 10.3kB lib/api_resources/peer_management.js
npm notice 9.6kB  lib/api_resources/root.js
npm notice 14.6kB lib/api_resources/servers.js
npm notice 554B   lib/device_registry.js
npm notice 11.3kB lib/event_broker.js
npm notice 7.2kB  lib/event_socket.js
npm notice 683B   lib/http_scout.js
npm notice 16.6kB lib/http_server.js
npm notice 2.6kB  lib/logger.js
npm notice 5.7kB  lib/peer_client.js
npm notice 1.5kB  lib/peer_registry.js
npm notice 10.4kB lib/peer_socket.js
npm notice 5.2kB  lib/pubsub_service.js
npm notice 771B   lib/query_topic.js
npm notice 392B   lib/query.js
npm notice 1.9kB  lib/registration_resource.js
npm notice 3.5kB  lib/registry.js
npm notice 10.2kB lib/runtime.js
npm notice 358B   lib/spdy_agent.js
npm notice 5.3kB  lib/virtual_device.js
npm notice 2.8kB  lib/web_socket.js
npm notice === Tarball Details ===
npm notice name:          zetta
npm notice version:       1.5.1
npm notice package size:  34.8 kB
npm notice unpacked size: 146.7 kB
npm notice shasum:        0cc2f0d39ea371a3cf57bd652904b90df674046c
npm notice integrity:     sha512-Xk4m5/rKH9Fk0[...]hGsCFx7zw8sOA==
npm notice total files:   32
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.gitignore Added npmignore to cut down on package size. (#371) Dec 8, 2018
.npmignore Added npmignore to cut down on package size. (#371) Dec 8, 2018
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zetta_runtime.js zetta package exposes device registry and peer registry files Jan 27, 2015


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What is Zetta?

Zetta is an open source, API-first, Node.js-based platform for the Internet of Things. To learn more about Zetta now, jump to Introduction to Zetta on the Zetta doc wiki.

Key concepts

On the Zetta Doc wiki, you'll find a conceptual overview, getting started tutorials, the API reference, and other topics to help you build Zetta projects.

Getting started with Zetta

The Zetta Quick Start is the quintessential "Hello World" project for Zetta. Learn how to install Zetta, create a new Zetta project, fire up a Zetta server, and call a Zetta API. It just takes a few minutes!

Installing Zetta

You can install Zetta by cloning it from GitHub or using NPM:

Clone from GitHub

git clone && cd zetta

npm install


npm install zetta


  • The Zetta Doc Wiki is where you'll find all of the documentation for Zetta, including overviews, tutorials, and reference content.

  • You can also visit the Zetta site at project recipes, event information, community links, and more.


The supportive Zetta community is steadily growing. We have channels where you can interact with the Zetta team directly as well as with other Zetta enthusiasts.


You can file issues on our GitHub issues page.



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