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Multiplayer Crosswords with Multicrosser

This is a Rails Application that uses WebSockets and the react-crossword component to create multiplayer crosswords. You can read a blog post about why I built it and how it works.

You can see a demo at


To run this project:

  • Install Redis and make sure the server is running
  • Run ./bin/setup to install dependencies
  • Run ./bin/rails crosswords:load_from_feed to load the latest crosswords to display on the homepage
  • Run ./bin/rails server to start the project

How it works

Sending a Move

Here's what happens when a player types a character:

  1. Client: react-crossword calls setCellValue to update the grid
  • setCellValue calls the onMove callback with cell location and value
  • onMove callback calls the move function in the action cable subscription
  • The move function sends the move to the server
  1. Server: MovesChannel#move is run
  • The move is recorded in Redis
  • The move is rebroadcast to others in the channel
  1. On all clients:
  • The received function runs in the Action Cable subscriptions which calls the onReceiveMove callback
  • onReceiveMove calls setCellValue with the triggerOnMoveCallback option set to false so onMove isn't called again
  • setCellValue updates the crossword gird

Working with Intermittent Connections

If the move can't be broadcast with Action Cable it's stored in the MoveBuffer. On reconnection:

  1. The remote state of the grid will be received from the server and updated
  2. The moves in the moves buffer will be replayed

When the move MoveBuffer is replayed, moves will only apply if the cell they change still has the same character in it when the move was made. For example, if you change an 'A' to a 'B' while offline this move will be discarded if someone has since changed the 'A' to a 'C' and broadcast it to the server before you.

The MoveBuffer uses local storage so will persist if the page is refreshed or the browser is closed.

The Source of the Crosswords Data

Crosswords are scraped from the Guardian Crossword pages which contain a JSON representation of each crossword. The crosswords are re-used following their Open Licence Terms.