A quick web prototyping tool which updates live across devices without the need to refresh.
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(chai -code), n.

An HTML, CSS & JavaScript prototyping tool that shows code updates live across devices.

Chaicode lets you try out ideas quickly and live across devices [ no moar refreshes ].
You can simultaneously test your layout on a desktop, phone and tablet [ yay! ].
It is currently in its alpha stage and a lot of features are in the pipeline including collaborative coding.
You can currently demo it here.
Note: The live feature takes a little bit of time to load up on openshift, fyi.

PS: chaicode is partially built using chaicode [ we must go deeper! ].


  • Install Node.js
  • Install mongoDB for your OS
  • Start the mongoDB server
  • Navigate to the chaicode directory via command line
    • Perform npm install
    • start the app by entering npm start and hitting return

For controlling some advanced features, take a look at config.json under chaicode/config.


  • Live HTML, CSS and Javascript updates across devices
  • Auto complete for HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Zen mode (hit F11 when in any region)
  • CSSLint and JS Lint (using JSHint) added
  • Code tidy up added
  • jQuery support is built-in
  • Ability to export your work as a single html file
  • Ability to fork code into your own version of it
  • Landing page for all present chais on the server [ Delete is still down. Will be fixing it soon. ]
  • Run on your own system! [ No more internet required to mess with ideas. ]

Upcoming Features

  • Support for multiple Javascript libraries
  • Ability to add resources via URIs
  • Collaborative coding support
  • User interface redesign (HELP!)
  • Inline previews of things like colors, resources like images etc.
  • Code highlighting and prettyfying DONE!
  • JSLint support DONE!
  • Support for SASS, CoffeeScript, Jade and other popular engines
  • Timeline of different chai recipes or versions of your code
  • Ability to delete a particular chai
  • User login support
  • Landing page for all present chais on the server based on user
  • Add chai embed functionality to let the user share his/her code

Things in bold are what I am working on currently.

PS: I could really use help with the UI design.