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* @file basic_tuple
* @brief Copyright (C) 2012 yayanyang All Rights Reserved
* @author yayanyang
* @version
* @date 2012/01/16
#include <iostream>
#include <algorithm>
#include <lemonxx/mpl/list.hpp>
#include <lemonxx/mpl/list/end.hpp>
#include <lemonxx/mpl/list/size.hpp>
#include <lemonxx/mpl/algorithm.hpp>
#include <lemonxx/mpl/list/begin.hpp>
#include <lemonxx/mpl/list/iterator.hpp>
#include <lemonxx/type_traits/parameters.hpp>
#include <lemonxx/utility/ref.hpp>
namespace lemon{
template<typename B,typename E> struct basic_tuple;
template<typename I,typename E>
struct basic_tuple
: basic_tuple<typename mpl::next<I>::type,E>
typedef basic_tuple<I,E> self_type;
typedef typename mpl::deref<I>::type origin_type;
typedef typename remove_reference<origin_type>::type type;
typedef typename conditional<
typename remove_cv<origin_type>::type
>::type value_type;
typedef basic_tuple<typename mpl::next<I>::type,E> base_type;
typedef typename lemon::parameter<value_type>::type param_type;
typedef typename mpl::distance<I,E>::size size_type;
value_type Value;
void swap(self_type & rhs)
bool operator == (const self_type& rhs) const
return Value == rhs.Value && ((base_type&)*this == rhs);
template<typename E>
struct basic_tuple<E,E>
void swap(basic_tuple<E,E> &){}
bool operator == (const basic_tuple<E,E>&) const {return true;}
template<typename Seq,size_t N>
struct basic_tuple_cast
typedef typename mpl::advance<typename mpl::begin<Seq>::type,N>::type I;
typedef typename mpl::end<Seq>::type E;
typedef typename lemon::basic_tuple<I,E> type;
typedef typename type::value_type value_type;
typedef typename type::origin_type origin_type;
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