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November 2013

  • Bump: 4.1.0 Nov 14, 2013

  • Fix XSS Vulnerability (bradleybuda)

Bump: 4.0.9 Nov 7, 2013

  • URI namespace fix (Ahmed Belal)

September 2013

Bump: 4.0.7 Sep 6, 2013

  • Fix request doing GET instead POST (Jan Berdajs)

Bump: 4.0.6 Sep 5, 2013

  • Add append_track_charge method to person.rb (Matt Angriffel)
  • Convert time property to timestamp (Francis Gulotta)

August 2013

Bump: 4.0.5 Aug 26, 2013

  • Fix events sent async. (Eric Boehs)
  • Fix crash with chunked response and turbolinks. (Roman Shterenzon)

July 2013

  • Ability to generate tracking links with redirect. (Francis Gulotta)
  • Skip Middleware injection on All Redirect statuses. (Francis Gulotta)

May 2013

  • Allow to specify "test" when sending events using the HTTP interface(Roman Shterenzon)

Bump: 4.0.2 May 23, 2013

  • Add alias helper method to event tracking (Chris Maddox)

Bump: 4.0.1 May 10, 2013

  • Update documentation. (Paweł Gościcki)
  • Add people.set_once to middleware script. (alvarezm50)

April 2013

Bump: 4.0.0 Apr 18, 2013

  • Delete a user from mixpanel (dennisvdvliet)
  • Ability to set_once properties (Michael Glass)
  • Use mixpanel script version 2.2. Replaced person.identify with unified identify. Added person.alias. (Milo Winningham)

Feb 2013

Bump: 3.5.2 Feb 24, 2013

  • Ability to skip middleware js snippet injection. (adimichele)
  • Ability to unset a person property (Marko Vasiljevic)
  • Update DelayedJob documentation (Joel)

Bump: 3.5.1 Jan 28, 2013

Jan 2013

  • Add option to not render mixpanel scripts (Murilo Pereira)
  • Add support for Turbolinks (Jon Pospischil)
  • Add track_charge and reset_charges to Mixpanel::Person (Tom Brown)

December 2012

  • Fix: Github issue #59, When setting people properties, cannot set $ip for proper geolocation.
  • FOPS: Removing Active Support dependency.

November 2012

  • Pixel Based Event Tracking (Esteban Pastorino)

October 2012

  • API Changes, please take a look at README file.
  • Add support for mixpanel.people.identify (Ahmed Belal)
  • Engage endpoint added. (GBH)
  • Code revision (Chris Sturgill)

September 2012

  • Added support for Import API (Sylvain Niles)
  • Ability to skip Mixpanel Middleware through HTTP custom header
  • Use mixpanel script version 2.1 (Travis Pew)

August 2012

  • Added Javascript API 2 support (Jamie Quint)
  • Add persistence feature (Ryan Schmukler)
  • Deprecate:
  • Use new JS CDN hosted (Alvaro Gil)

January 2012

  • Ability to proxy Mixpanel calls (Mark Cheverton)

December 2011

  • Add HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR to obtain ip addresses, Heroku thing. (Alvaro Gil)

November 2011

  • Fix content length update, IE. Send file bug (Brad Wilson)

October 2011

  • Ability to insert JS scripts at the bottom of Body element (James Ferguson)

September 2011

  • Updated middleware with latest mixpanel javascript (eddiesiegel)
  • Allow overriding of token, time, and ip address (Joe Van Dyk)
  • Spelling correction (jellybob)

June 2011

  • Refactor Gem to live in Mixpanel::Tracker and avoid conflicts with other gems.

January 2011

  • Fix how the interpreter is called for asynchronous call support. (jakemack)
  • Added optional asynchrony usage built in. (Logan Bowers)

Novemeber 2010

  • Bug fixes. (Nathan Baxter)
  • Allow api calls other than track through the javascript API. (Nathan Baxter)
  • Added support for mixpanel's asynchronous javascript mechanism. (Nathan Baxter)
  • Add support for large ajax responses in Rails. (Jake Mallory)
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