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CIM 440 - Intro to Creative Coding - Fall Semester 2019

CIM440-34 Wolfson 3034 MoWe 12:20PM - 1:35PM

CIM440-P Wolfson 3040 TuTh 11:00AM - 12:15PM

Instructor -Zevensuy Rodriguez





All Assignments to be submitted through Microsoft Teams


Week 1 - Introduction to Creative Coding and Getting Started p5js


Week 2 - Github and Basic Drawing

Class Examples


Create a character or piece of art using shapes.

  • Use 5 different variables to represent position, color (10 points)

Week 3 - Adding Interaction: Mouse Position, Keyboard input, and Conditionals

  • mouseX and mouseY
  • mousePressed()
  • keyPressed()
  • if statement
  • text()
  • Github

Class Examples


Using your character or piece of art add 2 methods of interaction, Use any of the interactive methods we used in class

Week 4 - Images, Buttons, and Conditionals Continued

  • Buttons
  • Images
  • if elseif else


Use 4 images to create a 4 page storybook or add 4 buttons to the coloring book example. Must use 4 buttons or hit-zones to interact with your application.

Week 5 - Arrays and Loops

In Class Challenge - Show and Hide a shape

Use buttons or hitzones to show and hide a shape.

Class files

Week 6 - Animation and Push/Pop

Class Examples


  • Layout/Create a sketch for your Midterm
    • Being laying out your inputs, outputs, and assets

Write a one paragraph proposal explaining your midterm project. Include what assets and interactions you want to include i.e.

  • Images
    • Ball
    • A bunch of puppies (background image)
  • Interaction
    • A rain animation
    • When the user clicks on a box, it shows my character.
    • When the user hovers over an area, the background color changes.


Make a creative sketch. Make a interactive sketch with 4 points of interaction. For example, you can make an interactive world or application.


  • Create a readme with a brief title and explanation (HW 6)
  • In your sketch, include a title and instruction (3 Points)
  • background image or design (2 Points)
  • Use one of the following (3 Points)
    • Arrays
    • For..Loops
    • millis
  • 4 points of Interaction (12 Points - 3 Points each)
    • Note: You do not have to use all interactions below, but you must have 5 interactions points
    • buttons
    • mouseX mouseY
    • mousePressed
    • keyPressed
    • hitzones

Week 7 - Midterm Project Workdays

Week 8 - Midterm Project Presentation

Week 9 - Spring Break

Week 10 – Functions and Objects

Week 11 – Working with Libraries

Week 12 – Final Project Ideation workshop

Week 13 – Final Project idea presentation

  • 5 Slide presentation

Week 14 – Final Project Lab

Week 15 - Final Project Critique

Final Due:

CIM440-34 Monday Dec. 9th 11:00AM – 1:30PM

CIM440-P Tuesday Dec. 10th 11:00AM – 1:30PM


Intro to Creative Coding



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