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Physical Computing
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Physical Computing: CIM 542/642-5R - Spring Semester 2019

Instructor: Zevensuy Rodriguez

Class Time: Thursday, 2:00-4:30pm

Class Site:

Office: Francis L. Wolfson Building 2022

Office Hours:




Class Schedule

Week 1: Class Introduction

  • Class intro
  • Intro to Arduino
  • Ideation Workshop: Crazy Machine - Create a fantasy machine that a user can interact with.

HW 1

Week 2: Intro to Physical Computing, Basic Electricity and Electronics

HW 2:

Week 3: Getting Started with Arduino, Digital Input/Output

HW 3:
  • User Flow
    • How can you create an interface with one button interface and an led? Take a minute and observe your surroundings. Find piece of electronics that you can augment/add a feature with a button and an led. Think about modes and outputs to express an action and reaction. Create a flow using Google’s drawing app to explain how a user interacts with your interface.
      • Microwave
      • Coffeemaker
      • TV

Coffee Maker Grind Presets

Week 4: Analog Input/Output

HW 4:
  • Make and Document the Love-O-Meter and Color Mixing Lamp

Week 5: Advanced Programming

Week 6: Servos, Transistors, and Motors

HW 5:
  • Knock Lock
  • Sensor Walk - Go to a public area, A park, Food Court, Mall, Etc
    • Find 6 points of interaction between people and electronics, mechanical devices, signage, or any other areas of high traffic
    • What are the inputs?
      • Find switches, levers, buttons, visual aids
      • Are the inputs active(electronic or mechanical) or passive
        • If Active
          • What is the sensor?
          • What triggers the sensor?
        • If Passive
          • What is the User doing?
          • Are they walking up?
    • What are the outputs?
      • Lights, sound, motors, signage
      • Is the output active or passive
        • If Active,
          • What does it do when triggered?
        • If Passive
          • What is it?
            • Map
            • Sign
  • Research Parts
    • Based on 3 inputs/outputs from the Sensor Walk, research potential sensors used in the input or output
    • Search in amazon, adafruit, and sparkfun, robotshop for potential matches

Week 7: Ideation Lab

HW 6:
  • 5 Slide intro
    • What is your Project?
      • Describe your project in 1-2 sentences
    • 3 Projects that influenced yours
      • Explain how
      • Include an Image and Link
    • What parts did you use?
      • Parts List Worksheet
    • Explain your interaction
      • Ie - Flow Diagram
    • What modifications would make to you project
      • Q and A Worksheet

Week 8: Midterm Lab

  • Midterm Presentation
  • Midterm Lab
Requirements for Midterm and Final - 100 points
  • Create a folder for your midterm.
    • Include a in your folder.
      • Answer the questions below - 20 Points
    • Include Images and Video - 20 Points
    • Include your code - 20 Points
    • Your project needs to be encased - 20 Points
About the project
  • What is the title of your project?
  • Briefly explain why did you want to make this project?
    • Who are the stakeholders?
    • Find 3 inspiring projects
  • How does your program work? (Explain your code)
    • Reflection
      • What worked/did not work?
      • If you had more time what would you change in your project?
  • What parts did you use?
  • Which are your inputs/outputs
  • Explain how a user interacts with your input/output
    • Create a layout for your interface
    • Storyboard the interaction
      • Draw a step by step diagram of the interaction
      • Explain how the project is used?
        • How does the user interact with the input
        • Why did you decide to use that component?
        • Explain how the input translates to the output
  • Talk about what form factor/size your project would ideally be.
Images and Videos
  • Include images and captions for
    • 2 - Progress images
      • For example, breadboard, case,
    • 1 - Finished input
    • 1 - Finished output
    • 1 - Finished Breadboard
  • A video of finished project

Week 9: Spring Break

Week 10: Midterm Due, Intro to Making

Week 11: Intro to 3D Design

For the video tutorials and onshape works best on google chrome.

HW Due April 11th

  • Midterm Paper Prototype
    • Create an enclosure or part using the Vinyl Cutter
  • Complete the DimensionWorksheet
  • 2 - 3D Printed objects (Parts must be designed and printed before class)
    • Create 2 small 3D Printed objects
      • Create a custom cap for a switch or
      • Create a custom knob for a potentiometer or
      • Create custom pieces for your final
  • Turning in your assignment

    • In your main readme,
      • Upload and include your images of all your new made pieces
        • Add caption/text for context
      • Upload and Link your Dimension Worksheet

Week 12: 3D Design Continued, Ideation Lab

Week 13: Making Lab

Week 14: Apr 16th - Final Lab

Week 15: Apr 23th - Final Presentation

Interactive Media End of Year Show - May 2nd 5 PM

Final Due May 7th 2-4:30 PM

Arduino Kit

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