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Physical Computing: CIM 542/642-R - Spring Semester 2020

Instructor: Zevensuy Rodriguez

Class Time: TuThu, 2:00-3:15pm

Class Site:

Office: Francis L. Wolfson Building 2014

Office Hours


Syllabus Updated



Arduino Kit

Important Resources


You will need to document your work for this class. Documentation must include videos/gifs, Images, and basic write ups about your projects. You will have 3 projects in this class. Each project should have its own documentation page. For smaller homework assignments, simply create a homework page and include all documentation there. All please upload all assignment links to Microsoft Teams before the date due.

Class Schedule

Week 1: Jan 14th-16th - Intro to Physical Computing, Intro to Basic Fabrication

Week 2: Jan 21th-23rd - Getting Started with Arduino, Basic Electricity and Electronics




Complete the SOS Signal example in Chapter 3

  • Document/record a video/gif of finished project
    • Create a hw page and embed video/gif
  • Create a documentation page for Representing Emotion Project
    • Include a title with your Emotion
    • Design a new light pattern for your Emotion
    • Document/record your new light pattern
    • Upload code and Include Link

Week 3: Jan 28th-30th - Representing Emotion Work Week

Week 4: Feb 4th-6th – Lights and Animation

Week 5: Feb 11th-13th - Project Presentation

Week 6: Feb 18th-20th – Introduction to Analog Input/Output

  • Light Pattern
  • Millis Fade
  • Representing Emotion Project Due Feb 20th
    • Bring finished product
    • All documentation due end of day


Week 7: Feb 25th-27th – Analog Input/Output Cont’ & Intro to 3D Design/Printing

  • Intro to Motors
  • Servo Sweep Example - Examples => Servo => Sweep
  • Servo Knob Example - Examples => Servo => Knob


Week 8: Mar 3rd-5th – 3D Design Workshop

Virtual Learning

The class will be a flip classroom. I will post video lectures or assignments before class and during class we will have office hours. I will be available only through teams. I would like to keep emailing to a minimum to make sure that all questions get answered. If you have general questions, use the general chat. If you have specific questions, feel free to send me a message. Teams has a great feature to do screen sharing, FYI. If you are not available for class due to time zone issues, please reach out to make arrangements.

  • Online lecturers will be available before class
  • Check in periodically for updates on assignments and lectures
  • Office hours during class time
  • Install Microsoft Teams Desktop

Week of March 23rd – Re-intro to 3D Design and Tinkercad

Week of March 30th – Playful Interfaces Design Workshop

Week of April 6th - Playful Interfaces Programming Workshop

Week of April 13th – Playful Interfaces Projects Due, Helping Robots Project Introduction

Week of April 20th - Helping Robots Design

Week of April 27th - Helping Robots Programming

Week of May 4th - Helping Robots Due - Spring semester ends on May 6


Physical Computing



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