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ODDGUI blog documents experiments in design, electronics, code, and fabrication by Zevensuy Rodriguez.

Zevensuy Rodriguez is a maker/designer/prototyper born in Miami, FL. He graduated and was a Fellow at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Masters Program and did his undergrad at Univ. of Miamiâ��s Visual Communications program.  He founded Howlin’ Wolves a prototyping and fabrication company based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Projects range from web, electronics, to custom fabrication including CNC Milling.

Wildlife/People Observation

Traveling Exhibits

The Experience Economy

Sensor Walk


Physcomp Lab8 - Transistors and HBridge

Physcomp Lab6 - Serial Communication

Observation: The Brita Filter

Moma: Abstract Expressionists

Lab2 Working with Pots

Lab 7 - Serial Communication 2 and Handshaking

Lab 4 Servo and Tone

Lab 3 Working without Arduino

Lab 2 part 3

Lab 2 Part 2

Lab 1

Kinect touchtable no go!

Interpretive Exhibits Assignment 1

ICM Week5 XML and Processing

Hospitable Room: Initial Pitch

Hall of Human Origins Amnh

Forbidden City: MET

El Pirata

Commercial Gallery

Atari Punk Instructable

8 minute PCB Test

Arduino Motor Shield

Intro to TSL2561

Working with Rotary Encoders

ChronoDot and Arduino 1.0

Sparkfun OpAmp Breakout LMV358

Adafruit Stepper Gear

Prototype and Production

Where I am at.....

Thesis Explanation


Thesis proposal

Openframeworks to work with visual studio express 2010 C++

How Does Your City Feel?

Connections: Final Project Proposal

Android Sms Tracking

Android GPS Code

Final Project(or) tests

Traceroute Miami and New York

555 Timer

Sounds of NY



Apache 2.2 and mod_wsgi configuration

Nursery Rhyme



Reddit 5-7-5 poems

Power Consumption Calculation for xbee 900

Charlotte's Web

RF Radios

RWET Midterm: SOS Poem

Pan Ball Flute Update

ASCII Art Presentation

Solar Presentation

Wildlife Tracking: RFID research

Reading and Writing Text Homework 1

Pan-Ball Flute

Hospitable Room - Assignment 1

ICM Final

Solar Design Presentation

The Helper

Pcomp Final Concept Drawing

PComp Midterm-MIDI Light Table: Making the table

ICM Midterm Project

Stupid Pet Trick: The Nurse Station

Fantasy Machine: De-atomizer

Traffic Light


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