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  • new: added --directory/-D option to 'duc ls' to allow listing of only directory itself (#196)
  • new: 'duc ls' now handles multiple path arguments
  • new: added 'o' key to duc-ui to pass current file to xdg-open
  • new: added DPI handing for graph font size (#201)
  • new: added '-a/--apparent' option to 'duc xml' (#171)
  • fix: improved cairo and SVG graph rendering (#202)
  • cha: changed license from GPL to LGPL (#190)
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  • fix: fixed mouse and tooltip coordinates in scrolled CGI
  • fix: fixed lmdb read/write locking
  • new: added --dry-run option to 'duc index' for testing purposes
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  • new: default per-user file path is now ~/.config/duc/ducrc
  • new: added 'classic' palette for Philesight look
  • new: added -n/--name-sort option to 'duc ui' and 'duc ls'
  • new: added --header and --footer options to 'duc cgi'
  • cha: warnings in during indexing now show full path
  • fix: fixed multiline label printing in CGI graph
  • fix: removed PATH_MAX references which broke build on GNU Hurd
  • fix: fixed line stroking for HTML drawing backend
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    - new: added --fs-include and --fs-exclude options
    - cha: disabled gui gradients by default. use the --gradient option
           for original graph style
    - cha: tooltip now shows actual size, apparent size and count
    - fix: once more fixed cgi parameter decoding
    - fix: fixed handling of filenames with spaces in 'duc cgi'
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  • new: added --count option
  • new: added support for windows
  • cha: renamed guigl to gui, only one gui (X11/OpenGL) can now be enabled
  • cha: improved font handling on OpenGL backend
  • cha: changed CGI environment detection to work around bug in Lighttpd
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  • fix: added missing file font.c for --enable-opengl
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Bugfix release:

  • fix: rewind dir before drawing 'list' in CGI
  • fix: fix clicking through CGI graph if tooltip is not enabled
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  • Added a OpenGL/GLFW user interface in duc guigl, which can be used as a native UI for Mac OS.
  • Duc CGI no longer depends on cairo/pango. Good for headless servers and embedded file servers.

Detailed changes from the previous version:

- new: added SVG and HTML/canvas graph back ends
- new: added OpenGL/GLFW graph back end for better portability
- new: added tooltip to CGI, enable with --tooltip option
- new: duc database is now portable between endianess and
       architectures for sqlite3 databases
- new: added --ring-gap option to gui
- new: added --color option to ui
- cha: optimized memory usage
- fix: fixed building on Solaris
- fix: added better error handling in sqlite3 backend
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Mostly a bugfix release.

  • new: Added --dark option to duc-gui
  • fix: Fixed CGI file system traversing
  • fix: Fixed duc-info output to be consistent with other tools
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  • new: Added support for leveldb database backend
  • new: Some visual changes and performance improvements in duc-gui
  • new: Link to ncursesw if available for proper UTF-8 support in duc-ui
  • fix: Fixed HTML and CGI escaping for duc-cgi
  • fix: Fixed unit scaling on 'humanized' formatted numbers
  • fix: Added UTF-8 charset declaration to duc-cgi
  • fix: Fatal errors are still printed in --quiet mode
  • fix: Better handling of non-printable characters in file names