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NOS teletekst client for linux console
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NOS Teletekst on the Linux console

Small Python app using curses to display Dutch NOS Teletekst on the Linux console. The original Teletekst font includes 2x6 raster graphics glyphs which have no representation in unicode; as a workaround the braille set is abused to approximate the graphics.


Pages are retrieved from NOS over HTTP (in JSON format).


sudo python ./ install

or simply run the script straight from the checked out git source:



Termtekst takes an optional start page number as single argument, or defaults to page 100 if not specified:

tt [page]

Choos the page to view using number keys, browse using arrow keys or vim-style navigation (h,j,k,l), or click on page numbers with the mouse.

Key mappings

left  / h / [ : prev
right / l / ] : next
up    / j / , : prev sub page
down  / k / . : next sub page
[0-9]         : enter page number
q             : quit
d             : toggle double width


Shortcut keys can be configured in ~/.ttrc, example file:

w = 704
g = 100
i = 100
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