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This is a Yeoman Generator for the Skeleton App of the Aurelia platform. It sets up a standard navigation-style app using gulp to build your ES6 code with Babel. Karma/Jasmine testing is configured as well.

For more info please visit the official site:

Please note that there is an official Aurelia CLI, which performs all the tasks this generator does and much more. Head over to in order to find out more.


This generator will use JSPM, Aurelias package manager of choice, which performs GitHub queries to install semver packages, but GitHub has a rate limit on anonymous API requests. It is advised that you configure jspm with your GitHub credentials in order to avoid problems. You can do this by executing jspm registry config github and following the prompts. If you choose to authorize jspm by an access token instead of giving your password (see GitHub Settings > Personal Access Tokens), public_repo access for the token is required.

Running The App

The recent update will take care of running npm install and jspm install after downloading the boilerplate app, so this shortens the process to get up and running.

  1. Verify that Yeoman is installed
npm install -g yo
  1. Install this generator
npm install -g generator-aurelia
  1. Ensure that Gulp is installed. If you need to install it, use the following command:
npm install -g gulp
  1. Ensure that jspm is installed. If you need to install it, use the following command:
npm install -g jspm
  1. Create a new project folder and move into it in the terminal
  1. Use Github API Token if the generator prompts a rate limit error. Execute the following command:

Windows users should set a user environment variable called GITHUB_TOKEN with the value being your actual token.

  1. Execute the following command
yo aurelia
  1. To run the app, execute the following command:
gulp watch
  1. Browse to http://localhost:9000 to see the app. You can make changes in the code found under src and the browser should auto-refresh itself as you save files.

Update the skeleton jspm dependencies

If you're inside your skeleton folder you can run the following command to update your installation and get the latest versions of the dependencies used:

yo aurelia:update

Command line options


yo aurelia --skip-install will skip the npm and jspm install.


yo aurelia --proxy=http://my.proxy:8080 will install the skeleton app resepecting the given proxy settings

Creating a new page

In order to create a new Aurelia Page just enter the following command inside your project root:

yo aurelia:page YOURPAGENAME

If you get an error like Error: spawn git ENOENT when executing the yo command, you should check whether GIT is installed and accessible from the command line

This will create a View and ViewModel with the given name inside the ./src folder


Thanks to Addy Osmani for his awesome generator-boilerplate repo.