Wazzal II: The Final Dawn mod for Notrium
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Wazzal II: The Final Dawn

36 years after the events of Wazzal, and four years after Notrium...

After the sun was destroyed by a supernova and most of humankind mysteriously abducted by a shadowy Alien race, a handful of brave space pilots established a new colony in the depths of space. Wasting no time, this motley collection of adventurers, traders and buccaneers set off to explore their new corner of the galaxy. Soon the United Confederacy of Planets was formed, heralding a new dawn for humankind free from Alien interference.

After many years of peace, the Alien threat has re-emerged to finish what they started! The Confederacy is in ultimate peril as massive Alien fleets begin their relentless drive towards the capital New Dawn, leaving nothing alive. Humankind's last hope lays on the shoulders of the most famous of the human pilots: the enigmatic "Captain", survivor of the doomed Sol System and the terrible planet of Notrium....


Repository contains files required to install version 6.0.5 of the Wazzal II: The Final Dawn mod for Notrium. To install:

  1. Visit "Releases" and choose latest version: https://github.com/zexlr8er/Wazzal_II/releases
  2. Download as either ".zip" or ".tar.gz" using "Downloads > Source code"
  3. Unzip inside main Notrium directory (for the Steam version: usually "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Notrium")

Mod features

  1. Two gameplay modes: starship combat and exploration aboard the Wolf IV, and on foot as the legendary "Captain" from Notrium and Wazzal!
  2. Eight completely unique star systems, and fourteen planets and space stations to explore (including lava, ocean, ice, desert and jungle worlds, low gravity moons, gas giants and Alien planets!)
  3. Over 100 items to use in both space and on planets, including electrobinoculars, night vision goggles, stealth armor and high explosives
  4. More than 40 weapons, including sniper rifles, particle cannons, rocket propelled grenades and Alien technology
  5. Six controllable vehicles, including tanks (armed with cannons and flamethrowers), armored boats (armed with machine guns), fighters (armed with airstrikes and lasers), machine gun emplacements, flamethrower pillboxes and even Confederacy Destroyers!
  6. 11 United Confederacy Ranks (Ensign to Admiral of the Fleet) with valuable rewards for completing ingame missions
  7. Fly the flag of the United Confederacy of Planets, abandon your duties to raid and plunder as a ruthless pirate, or even join the dreaded Alien Horde!
  8. Make a fortune trading slaves, drugs and weapon parts on the Galactic Stock Exchange, hunting for dangerous local creatures, farming rare plants, mining for ore or even fishing!

*Confederacy map and ranks*

Space combat and exploration

Large-scale land battles

Unique worlds to explore

Rare and exotic native creatures

Launch daring raids on the Alien homeworld

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