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This is an Android app that helps in geocaching. It is using site.

What's up with that rewrite thing?

Yup, I've decided to dump the old codebase and start from scratch. Don't even look at the older commits, it's garbage (well, you know, I was young...). Right now all efforts are focused on bringing 100% of the old functionality into the new version and releasing it.

How to contribute

  • if you are not a developer, you can contribute by suggesting/discussing new features/improvements or reporting bugs (with detailed description ;) )
  • if you are familiar with Android SDK, feel free to fork me, pick some issue, implement necessary changes and create a pull request

This repository is using git flow. Long story short:

  • master branch contains only stable versions that were published
  • develop branch has the newest code base, on release the code from this branch is merged to master; you will probably want to fork from this branch
  • feature branches contain commits associated with single feature/issue; after the work is finished, they get merged into develop branch; you should create one for each issue you want to take on, and when the work is done open a pull request to your feature branch

Working copy

You can download a working copy from Google Play. It's free! You can also get the latest beta release from here or (even better) register as beta tester here.


Source code is available to anyone under GPLv3.


OpenCachingFun is an Android app that helps in geocaching using site.




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