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All Dem Dots

This is mostly for my own benefit but feel free to use whatever you like~

Awesome WM Stuff

the theme called 'default' in my .config/awesome/themes/ is not the actual default theme, but one that matches the Jellybeans Vim theme


Colors from:


Here's what my conky config looks like. I don't use conky anymore but I like how this one looks so I'll keep ot around. Based on Archey.


All the plugins I use are listed at the top of my vimrc. A great theme to check out is Tomorrow Night Eighties. Yes, my vimrc is super ugly. I will clean it one day.


Dina Font is my go-to font for all my monospace needs, if anyone is wondering. It's a great font, I recommend it to everyone! It's in the Arch community repo.