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@weierophinney weierophinney released this
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Adds content validation support.

  • Ups minimum supported PHP version to 5.4.8.
  • New module, zf-content-validation, which allows associating ZF2 input filters
    with named controller services, as well as creation of named input filters via
    a ZF2 abstract service factory. For requests with content, if the matched
    controller has an associated input filter, the data is passed to the input
    filter, and an error is returned on validation failure.
    • 422 responses are returned when validation fails.
    • 400 responses are returned when the content contains unrecognized data.
  • Admin UI now adds an "Inputs" tab to each service, allowing the user to create
    and edit inputs for the service, as well as associate validators.
  • Hydrators are now specified via a dropdown, populated from a list of known
    hydrator services in the application.
    • The ArraySerializable hydrator is now specified as the default hydrator for
      REST entity objects.
  • The AbstractResourceListener now correctly pulls any whitelisted query string
    variables and passes them to the fetchAll() method.
  • You may now specify the default version to use when no version is specified
    (previously, hard-coded to use version 1 as the default version).
  • The Admin API will now report an error if you attempt to create a new API and
    a matching module name already exists.
  • All Apigility modules now use "next significant release" notation in their
    composer.json files to ensure the latest stable version or development
    version will be selected (vs only the latest development version).
  • All Apigility modules have been updated to ensure they are compatible with
    Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) requests.
  • Tables used with DB-Connected REST resources can now contain underscores in
    their names.
  • Content negotiation now detects JSON decoding errors and raises an exception
    when detected.
  • Composed ZF\Hal\Link\Link properties in objects rendered as HAl will be
    rendered as relational links.
  • The collection name of a HAL collection can now be specified in HAL metadata
  • OAuth2 support has been improved to allow better integration between ZF2 and
    oauth2-server-php request objects, and to allow the password grant type.