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Apigility Version 1.0.1

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@weierophinney weierophinney released this
· 286 commits to master since this release

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Apigility 1.0.1!

This is our first maintenance release of Apigility, and features a number of bugfixes reported since the initial release.


  • zf-content-negotiation
    • Removed a conditional in ZF\ContentNegotiation\JsonModel that could never
      be reached, and which was redundant with the parent class.
  • zf-apigility-skeleton
    • Added a footer and favicon to the default layout.
  • zf-apigility-admin
    • Fixed a refresh issue with new RPC services.
    • Fixed a rendering issue in the navbars when on small screens.
    • Ensured the <base href> for the admin UI uses a fully-qualified URI,
      including scheme, host, and port, to ensure assets may be resolved
    • Added config information for the zend_datacache.apc-compatibility INI
      setting to the "disable your cache" modal.
    • Ensured the entity_identifier_name and hydrator_name configuration
      settings in db-connected configuration are properly synced on updates to
      DB-Connected REST services.
    • Ensured that togglable filter option values are saved correctly.
    • Ensured that available options for the DateTimeFormatter (and several
      others) are propagated to the Admin UI.
    • Added a footer, favicon, and a number of documentation links to the Admin
    • Ensured that the collection_name REST setting can be updated from the Admin
      UI and API.

Changes to Composer configuration

A user noted that we had two branch-alias sections in each repository. While this did not lead to invalid configuration, it did mean that the latter took precedence of the former, meaning that the only "development" alias we had for mapping the development branch to future 1.1 releases. All repositories have been updated with the 1.0.1 release to fix this situation; all sections now read as the following:

    "extra": {
        "branch-alias": {
            "dev-master": "1.0-dev",
            "dev-develop": "1.1-dev"

Switch to SSL was originally served over HTTP. However, with the addition of the installer script, we felt it was important to serve the site over SSL. We were not able to do this in time for the 1.0.0 release, but put the functionality in place by the end of last week. Any previous link will now perform a permanent redirect to the SSL version of the site.


Many thanks for all the great issue reports and discussions on the mailing list! (We promise we'll get to more of the questions, now that we've dealt with the initial issue reports!)

We will do additional maintenance releases on an as-needed basis. We already have plans for 1.1, which include:

  • Doctrine-Connected REST services
  • Database Autodiscovery for REST services (think of this as DB-Connected that
    finds all your tables and proposes field configuration for you!)
  • Mongo-Connected REST services
  • HTTP Caching

Many of these are near completion already (and primarily by community authors!); we'll be dropping announcements to the mailing lists when they're ready to test.

Stay tuned!