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Repository abandoned 2019-12-31

This repository has moved to laminas/laminas-development-mode.

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This package provides a script to allow you to enable and disable development mode for zend-mvc (both versions 2 and 3) and Expressive applications. The script allows you to specify configuration and modules that should only be enabled when in development, and not when in production.

Note to v2 users

If you were using a v2 version of this package previously, invocation has changed. Previously, you would invoke it via the MVC CLI bootstrap:

$ php public/index.php development enable  # enable development mode
$ php public/index.php development disable # disable development mode

v3 releases now install this as a vendor binary, with no dependencies on other components:

$ ./vendor/bin/zf-development-mode enable  # enable development mode
$ ./vendor/bin/zf-development-mode disable # disable development mode


Install this package using Composer:

$ composer require zfcampus/zf-development-mode

Once installed, you will need to copy a base development configuration into your application; this configuration will allow you to override modules and bootstrap configuration:

$ cp vendor/zfcampus/zf-development-mode/development.config.php.dist config/

Optionally, if you want to also have development-specific application configuration, you can copy another base configuration into your configuration autoload directory:

$ cp vendor/zfcampus/zf-development-mode/development.local.php.dist config/autoload/

In order for the bootstrap development configuration to run, you may need to update your application bootstrap. Look for the following lines (or similar) in public/index.php:

// Run the application!
Zend\Mvc\Application::init(require 'config/application.config.php')->run();

Replace the above with the following:

// Config
$appConfig = include 'config/application.config.php';
if (file_exists('config/development.config.php')) {
    $appConfig = Zend\Stdlib\ArrayUtils::merge($appConfig, include 'config/development.config.php');

// Run the application!

To enable development mode

$ cd path/to/project
$ ./vendor/bin/zf-development-mode enable

Note: enabling development mode will also clear your module configuation cache, to allow safely updating dependencies and ensuring any new configuration is picked up by your application.

To disable development mode

$ cd path/to/project
$ ./vendor/bin/zf-development-mode disable

Note: Don't run development mode on your production server!