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ZuriHac 2018 website

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You need nodejs and yarn to run the website locally. If you have nix installed you can use nix-shell to switch into a shell with yarn available. To start the server locally, use:

$ yarn install
$ yarn run start

A browser should automatically open once the server is running.

Files of interest

  • src/page.js: The main structure of the page.
  • src/sections.js: Most (text-only) sections are here.
  • src/projects.js: List of projects (shown in the Workshops section).
  • src/schedule.js:
  • src/speakers.js:


You can add new sections to the src/sections.js file, then import them in the src/page.js file and place them somewhere on the page.


Add new projects to the list at the top of the src/projects.js file. No further changes are needed. Provide an approximate difficulty (or difficulty range) so that participants can judge which projects are suitable for them.


You can add instantenous events (which start at a fixed time, DPoint) or events which last a certain duration (DRange).


Add new speakers to the src/speakers.js file. Place the image into the static/ folder and import it in the src/speakers.js file (using require(...)).. If available, set GitHub and Twitter usernames.

Try to provide a short description of the person, in third-person tense.


The master branch is automatically deployed after each push (courtesy of