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Made by The Unescaped Characters.

Installation instructions:

  1. You'll want to install this by compiling the source, though some precompiled binaries can be found in a tag on the releases page. (The Windows build doesn't have the server, Linux build may be missing libraries since it expects you to compile it, and Mac may or may not have precompiled binaries whatsoever.)
  2. First install the listed dependencies:
  3. Clone this repository. git clone
  4. Configure and build the game-client and server with cmake.
cd game-client
cmake ./
cd ../server
cmake ./
  1. Finally open portal/ with qtcreator and build it.
  2. Arrange the files to look like this:
 naelstrof@Loque  ~/Documents/loque  tree
 ├── game-client
 │   ├── assets
 │   └── loque.exe
 ├── portal
 │   └── loque.exe
 └── server
     └── server.exe
  1. You're done!

Running Loque

  1. First start up the server with ./server/server.
  2. Then run the portal with ./portal/loque.
  3. Have fun!


I don't have a server.exe!

I couldn't get the server to cross compile to windows, sorry!

You can still run the game by opening power-shell and typing

cd game-client
./loque <mapid> <userid>

mapid is an integer from 0 to 5, and userid can be any bogus integer.

I can't get it to compile!

Tough luck, if your package manager doesn't have the packages you need, you can try using the precompiled binaries, but they're mostly incomplete.