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python based test harness for ZFS

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This is the python test harness for ZFS

you need to use python 2.7.1 or higher. The source code of pythone-2.7.1
is included here.

It is recomended you configure python as

./configure --prefix=/opt/python-2.7.1

And then do the remaining make steps.

To run KQI zfs test harness, first you need to confiure test harness.
Confiuration file is located at $ZFS_TH_HOME/ZFS.TH.CONFIG .
Be careful while setting configuration data, wrong configuration might crash
your system or loose your data.

Do not use '#' char in configuration parameter in ZFS.TH.CONFIG, otherwise it
will be considered as commnet.

In able to run code you must have installed ksh on your machine.

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