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Add import coding style specification

Signed-off-by: Scott Zawalski <>

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@@ -38,6 +38,30 @@ Don't use CamelCaps style in most places - use underscores to separate parts
of your variable_names please. I shall make a bedgrudging exception for class
names I suppose, but I'll still whine about it a lot.
+Importing modules
+The order of imports should be as follows:
+Standard python modules
+Non-standard python modules
+Autotest modules
+Within one of these three sections, all module imports using the from
+keyword should appear after regular imports.
+Modules should be lumped together on the same line.
+Wildcard imports (from x import *) should be avoided if possible.
+Classes should not be imported from modules, but modules may be imported
+ from packages, i.e.:
+from common_lib import error
+and not
+from common_lib.error import AutoservError
+For example:
+import os, pickle, random, re, select, shutil, signal, StringIO, subprocess
+import sys, time, urllib, urlparse
+import MySQLdb
+from common_lib import error
Importing modules

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