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Ported script nestedfs with changes.

 Script :nestedfs_001_pos
 Given a pool create a nested file system and a ZFS file system
 in the nested file system. Populate the file system.

 As a sub-assertion, the test verifies that a nested file system with
 a mounted file system cannot be destroyed.

 1. Create a file in the new mountpoint
 2. Unmount the new mountpoint
 3. Show a nested file system with file systems cannot be destroyed
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1 parent 5e741a9 commit c33d532a2297feae658581de6d70571155674d4d @vikramjadhav vikramjadhav committed Jan 8, 2011
1 ZFS-Test_Suite/tests/functional/nestedfs/READE
@@ -13,7 +13,6 @@ Steps to Run the nestedfs script:-
$ ./nestedfs_001_pos.ksh
- ( eg . $] ./nestedfs_001_pos.ksh sdd sde)
3) Lastly run the script
4 ZFS-Test_Suite/tests/functional/nestedfs/nestedfs.cfg
@@ -28,4 +28,6 @@
export TESTCTR=testctr
export TESTFILE0=testfile0
-#export TESTFILE1=testfile1
+export TESTFILE1=testfile1
+export FILE_WRITE=${STF_SUITE}/bin/file_write
4 ZFS-Test_Suite/tests/functional/nestedfs/nestedfs_001_pos.ksh
@@ -69,9 +69,9 @@ typeset -i DATA=0
log_assert "Verify a nested file system can be created/destroyed."
-log_must ./$FILE_WRITE -o $OP -f $TESTDIR1/$TESTFILE0 \
+log_must $FILE_WRITE -o $OP -f $TESTDIR1/$TESTFILE0 \
-log note "File creation path $TESTDIR1/$TESTFILE0"
+log_note "File creation path $TESTDIR1/$TESTFILE0"
log_note "A nested file system was successfully populated."
log_must $ZFS unmount $TESTDIR

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