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added first cut of the xml for the zfs site

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+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
+<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.4//EN"
+<title>ZFS Web Site</title>
+<chapter><title>Landing Page</title>
+<sect1><title>main body</title>
+Knowledge Quest Infotech is proud to present the Technology Preview
+(beta) of the ZFS* port to Linux. We are inviting participants for our
+beta phase. If you are interested in our beta program please apply
+Why port ZFS to linux ? We believe that ZFS is a very innovative
+filesystem which has taken a fresh and intuitive approach to storage
+systems. Anyone who has used ZFS cannot deny being impressed by its
+power and simplicity. We believe that ZFS should be available to a
+larger Audience for use. And it is this belief that drives us to
+deliver this port to linux.
+Our port of ZFS is an extension to the port of DMU layer by Brian
+Behlendorf. We have added the missing ZPL layer to Brian's port. With
+this addition it becomes possible to mount the zfs filesystem on linux
+and leverage ZFS's features on linux.
+If you have any questions regarding this port please visit our FAQ. If
+you want to contact us please drop us a mail at
+*ZFS is a trademark of Oracle.
+<sect1><title>Our Approach</title>
+It's in our DNA. Placing our clients first is embedded in the KQ
+culture. By investing in our people and resources, we bring new ideas
+and innovation to help you succeed in a changing business environment.
+<sect1><title>Consulting Service</title>
+KQ offers a variety of consulting servicesin the field of systems and
+storage tailored to your needs. Leverage KQ's expertise in ZFS and
+Systems programming by opting for consulting services. Click here to
+know more about ZFS consulting services.
+<sect1><title>KQ 2.0</title>
+KQ 2.0 By employing the KQ 2.0 platform, we can bring the best people,
+resources and capabilities of our global delivery system to any
+client, anywhere
@@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
+xsltproc -o /usr/share/xml/docbook/stylesheet/nwalsh/fo/docbook.xsl main.xml
+fop -pdf main.pdf -fo
+xsltproc -o ../../Public/ZFS/docs/zfs-design.html /usr/share/xml/docbook/stylesheet/nwalsh/xhtml/docbook.xsl main.xml
+xsltproc -o main.html /usr/share/xml/docbook/stylesheet/nwalsh/xhtml/docbook.xsl main.xml

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