DKMS enhancements for ZFS on Linux
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DKMS enhancements for ZFS on Linux

The home for this git repository is:

DKMS packages in the ZoL PPA at are built from this repository using the git-buildpackage tool.

Casual Build Instructions

Just do quick builds like this:

$ apt-get source --build dkms

Developer Build Instructions

  1. Clone this repository:
$ git clone git://
$ cd dkms
  1. List the current releases by branch name:
$ git branch --list 'master/*'
  1. Or list previous releases by tag name:
$ git tag --list 'master/*'
  1. Checkout the branch name or tag name that you want to build. For example, the latest code for Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin is:
$ git checkout master/ubuntu/precise
  1. Now compile it:
$ git-buildpackage -uc -us
  1. And clean the working tree afterwards by doing this:
$ git clean -df
$ git reset --hard

Upstream Repositories

Each of the upstream branches in this repository is an unmodified copy of an official distribution repository, like those hosted by the Debian or Ubuntu projects. The git-buildpackage framework combines an upstream branch with the corresponding patch-queue branch to create a master branch.

By default, git will pull the upstream branches from the clone origin at Github and not the actual upstream respositories. Look at the git-config.txt file in the readme branch for an example of how to configure remotes that pull from the official distribution repositories.

Some of the remotes for this repository are bzr repositories at Launchpad. Pulling through bzr requires this bridge helper:

Just download that file directly into the /usr/local/bin directory and make it executable. Also run bzr launchpad-login to ensure that you have a working bazaar installation.

The master branches for Ubuntu are currently based on *-proposed because official updates are built from those upstream branches.