ZFS Automatic Snapshot Service for Linux
Latest commit d5cb31a Oct 13, 2014 @dajhorn dajhorn Install the cron.d part without the execute bit.
Resolve this lintian error:

	E: zfs-auto-snapshot: bad-permissions-for-etc-cron.d-script etc/cron.d/zfs-auto-snapshot 0755 != 0644
	W: zfs-auto-snapshot: executable-not-elf-or-script etc/cron.d/zfs-auto-snapshot

This should also resolve a related failure on Arch Linux.

Closes: zfsonlinux/zfs-auto-snapshot#4
Thanks: @bitloggerig
Thanks: @scottj97



An alternative implementation of the zfs-auto-snapshot service for Linux
that is compatible with zfs-linux and zfs-fuse.

Automatically create, rotate, and destroy periodic ZFS snapshots. This is
the utility that creates the @zfs-auto-snap_frequent, @zfs-auto-snap_hourly,
@zfs-auto-snap_daily, @zfs-auto-snap_weekly, and @zfs-auto-snap_monthly
snapshots if it is installed.

This program is a posixly correct bourne shell script.  It depends only on
the zfs utilities and cron, and can run in the dash shell.


wget https://github.com/zfsonlinux/zfs-auto-snapshot/archive/master.zip
unzip master.zip
cd zfs-auto-snapshot-master
make install