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Add zstd to man pages

Signed-off-by: Allan Jude <>
Signed-off-by: Sebastian Gottschall <>
Signed-off-by: Michael Niewöhner <>
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c0d3z3r0 committed Dec 1, 2019
1 parent b6a0319 commit 5e5fa1c9df0bf82f54223777bf8ca7657e99d4e5
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@@ -925,5 +925,37 @@ is used to checkpoint the pool.
The feature will only return back to being \fBenabled\fR when the pool
is rewound or the checkpoint has been discarded.

.ne 2
.RS 4n
l l .
GUID org.freebsd:zstd_compress

\fBzstd\fR is a high-performance compression algorithm that features a
combination of high compression ratios and high speed.
Compared to \fBgzip\fR, \fBzstd\fR offers slighty better compression at much
higher speeds.
Compared to \fBlz4\fR, \fBzstd\fR offers much better compression while being
only modestly slower.
Typically, \fBzstd\fR compression speed ranges from 250 - 500
megabytes/second/thread, and decompression speed is over 1
Booting off of \fBzstd\fR-compressed root pools is not yet supported.

When the \fBzstd\fR feature is set to \fBenabled\fR, the administrator can turn
on \fBzstd\fR compression of any dataset by running
`zfs set compress=zstd <pool/fs>`.
This feature becomes \fBactive\fR once a \fBcompress\fR property has been set to
\fBzstd\fR, and will return to being \fBenabled\fR once all filesystems that
have ever had their compress property set to \fBzstd\fR are destroyed.

@@ -713,7 +713,8 @@ for more information on these algorithms.
Changing this property affects only newly-written data.
.It Xo
.Sy compression Ns = Ns Sy on Ns | Ns Sy off Ns | Ns Sy gzip Ns | Ns
.Sy gzip- Ns Em N Ns | Ns Sy lz4 Ns | Ns Sy lzjb Ns | Ns Sy zle
.Sy gzip- Ns Em N Ns | Ns Sy lz4 Ns | Ns Sy lzjb Ns | Ns Sy zle Ns | Ns Sy zstd Ns | Ns
.Sy zstd- Ns Em N Ns | Ns Sy zstd-fast- Ns Em N
Controls the compression algorithm used for this dataset.
@@ -781,6 +782,35 @@ is equivalent to
.Pc .
.Sy zstd
compression using the zstd algorithm ,
You can specify the
.Sy zstd
level by using the value
.Sy zstd- Ns Em N ,
.Em N
is an integer from 1
.Pq fastest
to 19
.Pq best compression ratio .
.Sy zstd
You can also specify a negative
.Sy zstd
level by using the value
.Sy zstd- Ns Em N ,
.Em N
is an integer from 100
.Pq fastest
to 1
.Pq best compression ratio .
.Sy zstd
is equivalent to
.Sy zstd-3
.Pc .
.Sy zle
compression algorithm compresses runs of zeros.

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