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Fix errata #4 handling for resuming streams

Currently, the handling for errata #4 has two issues which allow
the checks for this issue to be bypassed using resumable sends.
The first issue is that drc->drc_fromsnapobj is not set in the
resuming code as it is in the non-resuming code. This causes
dsl_crypto_recv_key_check() to skip its checks for the
from_ivset_guid. The second issue is that resumable sends do not
clean up their on-disk state if they fail the checks in
dmu_recv_stream() that happen before any data is received.

As a result of these two bugs, a user can attempt a resumable send
of a dataset without a from_ivset_guid. This will fail the initial
dmu_recv_stream() checks, leaving a valid resume state. The send
can then be resumed, which skips those checks, allowing the receive
to be completed.

This commit fixes these issues by setting drc->drc_fromsnapobj in
the resuming receive path and by ensuring that resumablereceives
are properly cleaned up if they fail the initial dmu_recv_stream()

Reviewed-by: Brian Behlendorf <>
Signed-off-by: Tom Caputi <>
Closes #9818 
Closes #9829
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tcaputi authored and behlendorf committed Jan 14, 2020
1 parent f744f36 commit 61152d1069595db08f9b53ee518683382caf313e
Showing with 14 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −0 include/sys/dmu_recv.h
  2. +13 −1 module/zfs/dmu_recv.c
@@ -49,6 +49,7 @@ typedef struct dmu_recv_cookie {
uint64_t drc_featureflags;
boolean_t drc_force;
boolean_t drc_resumable;
boolean_t drc_should_save;
boolean_t drc_raw;
boolean_t drc_clone;
boolean_t drc_spill;
@@ -1018,6 +1018,9 @@ dmu_recv_resume_begin_check(void *arg, dmu_tx_t *tx)

if (ds->ds_prev != NULL)
drc->drc_fromsnapobj = ds->ds_prev->ds_object;

* If we're resuming, and the send is redacted, then the original send
* must have been redacted, and must have been redacted with respect to
@@ -1092,6 +1095,7 @@ dmu_recv_resume_begin_sync(void *arg, dmu_tx_t *tx)
rrw_exit(&ds->ds_bp_rwlock, FTAG);

drba->drba_cookie->drc_ds = ds;
drba->drba_cookie->drc_should_save = B_TRUE;

spa_history_log_internal_ds(ds, "resume receive", tx, " ");
@@ -2068,7 +2072,8 @@ dmu_recv_cleanup_ds(dmu_recv_cookie_t *drc)
ds->ds_objset->os_raw_receive = B_FALSE;

rrw_enter(&ds->ds_bp_rwlock, RW_READER, FTAG);
if (drc->drc_resumable && !BP_IS_HOLE(dsl_dataset_get_blkptr(ds))) {
if (drc->drc_resumable && drc->drc_should_save &&
!BP_IS_HOLE(dsl_dataset_get_blkptr(ds))) {
rrw_exit(&ds->ds_bp_rwlock, FTAG);
dsl_dataset_disown(ds, dsflags, dmu_recv_tag);
} else {
@@ -2738,6 +2743,13 @@ dmu_recv_stream(dmu_recv_cookie_t *drc, int cleanup_fd,
goto out;

* If we failed before this point we will clean up any new resume
* state that was created. Now that we've gotten past the initial
* checks we are ok to retain that resume state.
drc->drc_should_save = B_TRUE;

(void) bqueue_init(&rwa->q, zfs_recv_queue_ff,
MAX(zfs_recv_queue_length, 2 * zfs_max_recordsize),
offsetof(struct receive_record_arg, node));

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