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These two lines were being rendered incorrectly on the GitHub
site.  To fix the issue there needs to be leading whitespace
before each line to ensure each command is rendered on its
own line.

$ ./configure
$ make pkg
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1 parent b1aa381 commit bbf3a3575c0b5795d3e4ddc27523258dc61ffa88 @behlendorf behlendorf committed Sep 15, 2010
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@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@ ported to FreeBSD and now there is a functional Linux ZFS kernel port
too. The port currently includes a fully functional and stable SPA, DMU,
and ZVOL with a ZFS Posix Layer (ZPL) on the way!
-$ ./configure
-$ make pkg
+ $ ./configure
+ $ make pkg
Full documentation for building, configuring, and using ZFS can be
found at: <>

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