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ZFS Encryption #4329

wants to merge 10 commits into from

fix for small race condition in arc.c that would occasionally trigger…

… assert
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tcaputi committed Jan 17, 2017
commit 2b761791ebb32d8641a826bf28623e31d0da6910
@@ -3204,12 +3204,6 @@ arc_hdr_realloc_crypt(arc_buf_hdr_t *hdr, boolean_t encrypt)
nhdr = kmem_cache_alloc(ncache, KM_PUSHPAGE);
bcopy(hdr, nhdr, HDR_L2ONLY_SIZE);
nhdr->b_l1hdr.b_freeze_cksum = hdr->b_l1hdr.b_freeze_cksum;

nhdr->b_l1hdr.b_buf = hdr->b_l1hdr.b_buf;
for (buf = nhdr->b_l1hdr.b_buf; buf != NULL; buf = buf->b_next) {
buf->b_hdr = nhdr;

nhdr->b_l1hdr.b_bufcnt = hdr->b_l1hdr.b_bufcnt;
nhdr->b_l1hdr.b_byteswap = hdr->b_l1hdr.b_byteswap;
nhdr->b_l1hdr.b_state = hdr->b_l1hdr.b_state;
@@ -3219,9 +3213,25 @@ arc_hdr_realloc_crypt(arc_buf_hdr_t *hdr, boolean_t encrypt)
nhdr->b_l1hdr.b_mfu_hits = hdr->b_l1hdr.b_mfu_hits;
nhdr->b_l1hdr.b_mfu_ghost_hits = hdr->b_l1hdr.b_mfu_ghost_hits;
nhdr->b_l1hdr.b_l2_hits = hdr->b_l1hdr.b_l2_hits;
refcount_transfer(&nhdr->b_l1hdr.b_refcnt, &hdr->b_l1hdr.b_refcnt);
nhdr->b_l1hdr.b_acb = hdr->b_l1hdr.b_acb;
nhdr->b_l1hdr.b_pabd = hdr->b_l1hdr.b_pabd;
nhdr->b_l1hdr.b_buf = hdr->b_l1hdr.b_buf;

* This refcount_add() exists only to ensure that the individual
* arc buffers always point to a header that is referenced, avoiding
* a small race condition that could trigger ASSERTs.
(void) refcount_add(&nhdr->b_l1hdr.b_refcnt, FTAG);

for (buf = nhdr->b_l1hdr.b_buf; buf != NULL; buf = buf->b_next) {
buf->b_hdr = nhdr;

refcount_transfer(&nhdr->b_l1hdr.b_refcnt, &hdr->b_l1hdr.b_refcnt);
(void) refcount_remove(&nhdr->b_l1hdr.b_refcnt, FTAG);

if (encrypt) {
arc_hdr_set_flags(nhdr, ARC_FLAG_ENCRYPT);
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