OpenZFS Tracking

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Status OpenZFS Issue OpenZFS Linux Description
:large_blue_circle: 7259 faa8036 24d42e2 DS_FIELD_LARGE_BLOCKS is unused
:red_circle: 7336 dd862f6 vfork and O_CLOEXEC causes zfs_mount EBUSY
:red_circle: 7278 608764b tuning zfs_arc_max does not impact arc_c_min
:red_circle: 7262 90f58f6 b8eb3c4 remove seq from zfs_receive_010.ksh
:white_circle: 7276 d750135 #5549 zfs(1m) manpage could better describe space properties
:large_blue_circle: 7004 d3e523d 2bce804 dmu_tx_hold_zap() does dnode_hold() 7x on same object
:red_circle: 7247 b09697c zfs receive of deduplicated stream fails
:large_blue_circle: 7003 0780b3e 8bea981 zap_lockdir() should tag hold
:red_circle: 7233 9aca840 dir_is_empty should open directory with CLOEXEC
:red_circle: 7277 bfb658e zdb should be able to print zfs_dbgmsg's
:red_circle: 7257 9821d61 zfs manpage user property length needs to be updated
:red_circle: 7136 24504ca ESC_VDEV_REMOVE_AUX ought to always include vdev information 7115 6922 generates ESC_ZFS_VDEV_REMOVE_AUX a bit too often
:large_blue_circle: 7230 c45dd5a 51907a3 add assertions to dmu_send_impl() to verify that stream includes BEGIN and END records
:red_circle: 7235 7f57006 remove unused func dsl_dataset_set_blkptr
:large_blue_circle: 7090 4756c3d 3dfb57a zfs should improve allocation order and throttle allocations
:large_blue_circle: 7086 98fa317 98ace73 ztest attempts dva_get_dsize_sync on an embedded blockpointer
:red_circle: 7164 ada2798 zdb should be able to open the root dataset
:red_circle: 7072 af0e4c6 zfs fails to expand if lun added when os is in shutdown state
:red_circle: 7163 aafa6a1 ztest failures due to excess error injection
:red_circle: 7147 58ff402 ztest: ztest_ddt_repair fails with ztest_pattern_match assertion
:red_circle: 7104 5eaefb3 increase indirect block size
:red_circle: 7071 45301ac lzc_snapshot does not fill in errlist on ENOENT
:large_blue_circle: 6950 7fc10f0 d3c2ae1 ARC should cache compressed data
:red_circle: 7041 df23d90 Fix spelling mistakes in sections 1 and 1M
:red_circle: 7082 b8a389e bptree_iterate() passes wrong args to zfs_dbgmsg()
:large_blue_circle: 6314 d6160ee eca7b76 buffer overflow in dsl_dataset_name
:red_circle: 7054 de9cc02 dmu_tx_hold_t should use refcount_t to track space
:large_blue_circle: 6940 9918916 db707ad Cannot unlink directories when over quota
:red_circle: 7016 0dd053d arc_available_memory is not 32-bit safe
:red_circle: 6931 88f61de lib/libzfs: cleanup gcc warnings
:red_circle: 7019 45b1747 zfsdev_ioctl skips secpolicy when FKIOCTL is set 7020 sdev_cleandir can loop forever
:red_circle: 6922 63364b0 Emit ESC_ZFS_VDEV_REMOVE_AUX after removing an aux device
:large_blue_circle: 6980 ea4a67f 47dfff3 6902 causes zfs send to break due to 32-bit/64-bit struct mismatch
:large_blue_circle: 6878 1825bc5 784d15c Add scrub completion info to "zpool history"
:large_blue_circle: 6513 8df0bcf bc77ba7 partially filled holes lose birth time
:large_blue_circle: 6902 0d8fa8f 0cee240 speed up listing of snapshots if requesting name only and sorting by name
:large_blue_circle: 6876 c971037 d1d19c7 Stack corruption after importing a pool with a too-long name
:large_blue_circle: 6844 11ceac7 463a8cf dnode_next_offset can detect fictional holes
:large_blue_circle: 6111 4a20c93 6635624 zfs send should ignore datasets created after the ending snapshot
:red_circle: 6874 1fdcbd0 rollback and receive need to reset ZPL state to what's on disk
:red_circle: 6914 af868f4 kernel virtual memory fragmentation leads to hang
:large_blue_circle: 6873 4cde22c ee06391 zfs_destroy_snaps_nvl leaks errlist
:red_circle: 6052 26455f9 decouple lzc_create() from the implementation details
:large_blue_circle: 6879 20fea7a 9f8026c incorrect endianness swap for drr_spill.drr_length in libzfs_sendrecv.c
:red_circle: 6880 c5d1600 zdb incorrectly reports feature count mismatch when feature is disabled
:red_circle: 6871 8fc9228 libzpool implementation of thread_create should enforce length is 0
:red_circle: 6872 f83b46b zfs libraries should not allow uninitialized variables
:red_circle: 6765 da41274 zfs_zaccess_delete() comments do not accurately reflect delete permissions for ACLs
:red_circle: 6764 de0f1dd zfs issues with inheritance flags during chmod(2) with aclmode=passthrough
:red_circle: 6763 851632d aclinherit=restricted masks inherited permissions by group perms (groupmask)
:red_circle: 6762 1eb4e90 POSIX write should imply DELETE_CHILD on directories - and some additional considerations
:large_blue_circle: 6736 215198a e0ab3ab ZFS per-vdev ZAPs
:large_blue_circle: 6322 cb92f41 755065f ZFS indirect block predictive prefetch
:large_blue_circle: 6418 6401734 131cc95 zpool should have a label clearing command
:large_blue_circle: 6842 02525cd 32c8c94 Fix empty xattr dir causing lockup
:large_blue_circle: 6843 399cc7d f5f087e Make xattr dir truncate and remove in one tx
:large_blue_circle: 6841 445e678 4254acb Undirty freed spill blocks
:large_blue_circle: 6738 c20404f f8866f8 zfs send stream padding needs documentation
:large_blue_circle: 6739 41c6413 206971d userland version of cv_timedwait_hires() always assumes absolute time
:red_circle: 6781 e4cb59f zpool man page needs updated to remove duplicate entry of "cannot be" where it discusses cache devices
:red_circle: 4242 54207fd file rename event fires before the rename happens
:large_blue_circle: 6681 d09e447 887d1e6 zfs list burning lots of time in dodefault() via dsl_prop_*
:large_blue_circle: 6370 286ef71 c352ec2 ZFS send fails to transmit some holes
:large_blue_circle: 6672 a8f6344 ae6d0c6 arc_reclaim_thread() should use gethrtime() instead of ddi_get_lbolt() 6673 want a macro to convert seconds to nanoseconds and vice-versa
:red_circle: 2897 879bece "zpool split" documentation missing from manpage
:red_circle: 4465 c8323d4 zpool(1M) is able to offline cache vdevs despite what man page says 5659 in the manual page for zpool(1M), one misuse of the word 'zpool' to describe a pool
:large_blue_circle: 6659 aab83bb 8a5fc74 nvlist_free(NULL) is a no-op
:red_circle: 4521 8808ac5 zfstest is trying to execute evil "zfs unmount -a"
:white_circle: 6603 0803e91 5573 zfeature_register() should verify ZFEATURE_FLAG_PER_DATASET implies SPA_FEATURE_EXTENSIBLE_DATASET
:red_circle: 6586 22b6687 Whitespace inconsistencies in the spa feature dependency arrays in zfeature_common.c
:large_blue_circle: 6585 892586e8 125a406 sha512, skein, and edonr have an unenforced dependency on extensible dataset
:large_blue_circle: 6541 971640e 4a2e9a1 Pool feature-flag check defeated if "verify" is included in the dedup property value
:red_circle: 6550 c16bcc4 cmd/zfs: cleanup gcc warnings
:red_circle: 6551 b327cd3 cmd/zpool: cleanup gcc warnings
:white_circle: 6637 d189620 5572 replacing "dontclose" with "should_close"
:large_blue_circle: 6562 5f7a8e6 8c62a0d Refquota on receive doesn't account for overage
:red_circle: 5027 c3d26ab zfs large block support (add copyright)
:large_blue_circle: 6536 880094b b607405 zfs send: want a way to disable setting of DRR_FLAG_FREERECORDS
:large_blue_circle: 4448 b211eb9 0075955 zfs diff misprints unicode characters
:large_blue_circle: 6450 38d6103 b77222c scrub/resilver unnecessarily traverses snapshots created after the scrub started
:large_blue_circle: 6537 8c04a1f 7c9abfa Panic on zpool scrub with DEBUG kernel
:large_blue_circle: 6531 97e8130 26ef0cc Provide mechanism to artificially limit disk performance
:large_blue_circle: 6544 cb605c4 f7c63cd incorrect comment in libzfs.h about offline status
:red_circle: 6529 e7e978b Properly handle updates of variably-sized SA entries.
:large_blue_circle: 6527 2bd7a8d 4b9ed69 Possible access beyond end of string in zpool comment
:large_blue_circle: 6495 2bad225 e567663 Fix mutex leak in dmu_objset_find_dp
:black_circle: 6494 f693d30 ASSERT supported zio_types for file and disk vdevs
:large_blue_circle: 4986 5878fad 671c935 receiving replication stream fails if any snapshot exceeds refquota
:large_blue_circle: 6358 b289d04 fe467e0 A faulted pool with only unavailable vdevs triggers assertion failure in libzfs
:large_blue_circle: 6393 68ecb2e e6d3a84 zfs receive a full send as a clone
:large_blue_circle: 6451 f9eb9fd 91d8884 ztest fails due to checksum errors
:large_blue_circle: 6051 620f322 fd41e93 lzc_receive: allow the caller to read the begin record
:large_blue_circle: 6434 3502ed6 472e7c6 sa_find_sizes() may compute wrong SA header size
:black_circle: 6346 1058dba zfs(1M) has spurious comma
:large_blue_circle: 6414 eb5bb58 b6fcb79 vdev_config_sync could be simpler
:large_blue_circle: 6391 ae24175 64d7b6c Override default SPA config location via environment
:large_blue_circle: 6421 57deb23 ca0bf58 Add missing multilist_destroy calls to arc_fini
:large_blue_circle: 6388 c71c00b 0de7c55 Failure of userland copy should return EFAULT
:large_blue_circle: 6368 7c5a457 2024041 Remove superfluous statement
:large_blue_circle: 6386 5bdd995 485c581 Fix function call with uninitialized value in vdev_inuse
:large_blue_circle: 6334 6575bca 1a04bab Cannot unlink files when over quota
:large_blue_circle: 6390 1df447e 85802aa Free props in ztest_init()
:large_blue_circle: 6385 eaef6a9 f3ad9cd Fix unlocking order in zfs_zget
:large_blue_circle: 6292 a443cc8 2e8efe1 exporting a pool while an async destroy is running can leave entries in the deferred tree
:large_blue_circle: 6319 b39b744 5511754 assertion failed in zio_ddt_write: bp->blk_birth == txg
:large_blue_circle: 6367 e495b6e adfe9d9 spa_config_tryenter incorrectly handles the multiple-lock case
:large_blue_circle: 5984 780828c 480f626 zfs clone should not mount the clone if canmount == noauto
:white_circle: 6328 9a686fb 5579 Fix cstyle errors in zfs codebase
:large_blue_circle: 6298 e9316f7 82f6f6e zfs_create_008_neg and zpool_create_023_neg need to be updated for large block support
:large_blue_circle: 6267 d205810 bc4501f dn_bonus evicted too early
:large_blue_circle: 6295 daec38e 5f3d9c6 metaslab_condense's dbgmsg should include vdev id
:large_blue_circle: 6293 8fe00bf ab5cbbd ztest failure: error == 28 (0xc == 0x1c) in ztest_tx_assign()
:large_blue_circle: 2605 9c3fd12 47dfff3 want to resume interrupted zfs send
:large_blue_circle: 6268 aab0441 616a57b zfs diff confused by moving a file to another directory
:large_blue_circle: 6290 3f84190 017da6 zdb -h overflows stack
:large_blue_circle: 6286 6de9bb5 4b2a3e0 ZFS internal error when set large block on bootfs
:large_blue_circle: 6288 0f2e7d0 5a28a97 dmu_buf_will_dirty could be faster
:large_blue_circle: 6281 6328027 a6fb32b8 prefetching should apply to 1MB reads
:large_blue_circle: 5219 d7d9a6d ef56b07 l2arc_write_buffers() may write beyond target_sz
:large_blue_circle: 6280 d1672ef 7ea4f88 libzfs: unshare_one() could fail with EZFS_SHARENFSFAILED
:large_blue_circle: 6251 139510f ba5ad9a add tunable to disable free_bpobj processing
:black_circle: 6250 b10bba7 zvol_dump_init() can hold txg open
:large_blue_circle: 6171 03bad06 0eb2161 dsl_prop_unregister() slows down dataset eviction.
:large_blue_circle: 4185 45818ee 3c67d83 add new cryptographic checksums to ZFS: SHA-512, Skein, Edon-R
:black_circle: 6209 0d045c0 libc mutexes break kernel writers hearts
:black_circle: 6220 c546f36 memleak in l2arc on debug build
:large_blue_circle: 6214 d4cd038 4e0f33f zpools going south
:large_blue_circle: 5987 cf6106c 7f60329 zfs prefetch code needs work
:large_blue_circle: 5997 1437283 fb390aa FRU field not set during pool creation and never updated
:large_blue_circle: 6096 8f5190a a4d179e ZFS_SMB_ACL_RENAME needs to cleanup better
:large_blue_circle: 6093 0f92170 8adb798 zfsctl_shares_lookup should only VN_RELE() on zfs_zget() success
:large_blue_circle: 5959 ca0cc39 241b541 clean up per-dataset feature count code
:large_blue_circle: 5960 a2cdcdd fcff0f3 zfs recv should prefetch indirect blocks 5925 zfs receive -o origin=
:large_blue_circle: 6033 31c46cf a7b10a9 arc_adjust() should search MFU lists for oldest buffer when adjusting MFU size
:large_blue_circle: 5981 1d3f896 5e8cd5d Deadlock in dmu_objset_find_dp
:large_blue_circle: 5911 46e1baa 4bda3bd ZFS "hangs" while deleting file
:large_blue_circle: 5409 b3cff10 b23d543 Remove shareiscsi description and example from zfs(1M) 5988 zfs(1M) diff is excessively indented
:large_blue_circle: 1778 bd0f709 ee42b3d Assertion failed: rn->rn_nozpool == B_FALSE, file ../common/libzfs_import.c, line 1077, function zpool_open_func
:large_blue_circle: 5946 24218be 71e2fe4 zfs_ioc_space_snaps must check that firstsnap and lastsnap refer to snapshots 5945 zfs_ioc_send_space must ensure that fromsnap refers to a snapshot
:large_blue_circle: 5909 cb5842f fec4170 ensure that shared snap names don't become too long after promotion
:large_blue_circle: 5870 beddaa9 b664011 dmu_recv_end_check() leaks origin_head hold if error happens in drc_force branch
:large_blue_circle: 5912 5bae108 cf50a2b full stream can not be force-received into a dataset if it has a snapshot
:black_circle: 5961 c701fde Fix stack overflow in zfs_create_fs
:large_blue_circle: 5669 c423721 3ac2794 altroot not set in zpool create when specified with -o
:large_blue_circle: 5438 5897eb4 ee3a23b zfs_blkptr_verify should continue after zfs_panic_recover
:large_blue_circle: 5515 752fd8d fc581e0 dataset user hold doesn't reject empty tags
:large_blue_circle: 5818 81cd5c5 c3520e7 zfs {ref}compressratio is incorrect with 4k sector size
:black_circle: 5815 fae6347 libzpool's panic function doesn't set global panicstr, ::status not as useful
:large_blue_circle: 5269 12380e1 9c43027 zpool import slow
:large_blue_circle: 5814 b67dde1 50f9ea0 bpobj_iterate_impl(): Close a refcount leak iterating on a sublist.
:large_blue_circle: 5812 8df1730 8dd86a1 assertion failed in zrl_tryenter(): zr_owner==NULL
:large_blue_circle: 5810 732885f 252e1a5 zdb should print details of bpobj
:large_blue_circle: 5809 f40b29c 6b42ea8 Blowaway full receive in v1 pool causes kernel panic
:large_blue_circle: 5808 23367a2 36c6ffb spa_check_logs is not necessary on readonly pools
:large_blue_circle: 5767 52244c0 8e4c5c9 fix several problems with zfs test suite
:large_blue_circle: 5847 8430278 7fec46b libzfs_diff should check zfs_prop_get() return
:large_blue_circle: 5701 a52fc31 d962d5d zpool list reports incorrect "alloc" value for cache devices
:large_blue_circle: 5610 03b1c29 1cddb8c zfs clone from different source and target pools produces coredump
:large_blue_circle: 5393 e1f3c20 19b3b1d spurious failures from dsl_dataset_hold_obj()
:large_blue_circle: 5813 6fdcb3d 98cb3a7 zfs_setprop_error(): Handle errno value E2BIG.
:large_blue_circle: 5817 2fd872a 36da08e change type of arcs_size from uint64_t to refcount_t
:large_blue_circle: 5820 34e8ace f3c517d verify failed in zio_done(): BP_EQUAL(bp, io_bp_orig)
:large_blue_circle: 5746 98110f0 37f8a88 more checksumming in zfs send
:large_blue_circle: 5745 3092556 23de906 zfs set allows only one dataset property to be set at a time
:large_blue_circle: 5765 643da46 5dc8b73 add support for estimating send stream size with lzc_send_space when source is a bookmark
:large_blue_circle: 5764 dc5f28a 93f6d7e "zfs send -nv" directs output to stderr
:large_blue_circle: 5766 be3e2ab 4dd1893 Avoid 128K kmem allocations in mzap_upgrade()
:black_circle: 5768 20a95fb zfsctl_snapshot_inactive() can leak a vnode hold
:large_blue_circle: 5769 8c76e07 dd26aa5 Cast 'zfs bad bloc' to ULL for x86
:red_circle: 5692 2bcf024 expose the number of hole blocks in a file
:large_blue_circle: 5770 a45f1c3 c3275b5 Add load_nvlist() error handling
:black_circle: 5704 bde3d61 libzfs can only handle 255 file descriptors
:large_blue_circle: 5694 34d7ce0 b738bc5 traverse_prefetcher does not prefetch enough
:large_blue_circle: 5695 70163ac a4069ee dmu_sync'ed holes do not retain birth time
:large_blue_circle: 5693 7f7ace3 0f7d2a4 ztest fails in dbuf_verify: buf[i] == 0, due to dedup and bp_override
:large_blue_circle: 5661 db1741f 99197f0 ZFS: "compression = on" should use lz4 if feature is enabled
:large_blue_circle: 5630 cd485b4 4c7b7ee stale bonus buffer in recycled dnode_t leads to data corruption
:red_circle: 5561 1a902ef support root pools on EFI/GPT partitioned disks 5125 update zpool/libzfs to manage bootable whole disk pools (EFI/GPT labeled disks)
:large_blue_circle: 5592 9d47dec 6186e29 NULL pointer dereference in dsl_prop_notify_all_cb()
:large_blue_circle: 5531 e57a022 6ebebac NULL pointer dereference in dsl_prop_get_ds()
:large_blue_circle: 5562 0fda3cc 63b33e8 ZFS sa_handle's violate kmem invariants, debug kernels panic on boot
:large_blue_circle: 5518 078266a 0fdd8d6 Memory leaks in libzfs import implementation
:large_blue_circle: 5497 244781f ca0bf58 lock contention on arcs_mtx
:large_blue_circle: 5313 fe31923 ec8501e Allow I/Os to be aggregated across ZIO priority classes
:large_blue_circle: 5410 5ff8cfa 0bf8501 Document -S option to zfs inherit 5412 Mention -S option when zfs inherit fails on quota
:large_blue_circle: 5056 bc9014e 0c66c32 ZFS deadlock on db_mtx and dn_holds
:large_blue_circle: 5445 4076b1b 500445c Add more visibility via arcstats; specifically arc_state_t stats and differentiate between "data" and "metadata"
:large_blue_circle: 5408 89c86e3 b9541d6 managing ZFS cache devices requires lots of RAM
:large_blue_circle: 5376 2ec99e3 ca67b33 arc_kmem_reap_now() should not result in clearing arc_no_grow
:large_blue_circle: 5422 a846f19 7224c67 preserve AVL invariants in dn_dbufs
:large_blue_circle: 5427 b7070b7 15cfbb3 memory leak in libzfs when doing rollback
:large_blue_circle: 5369 7adb730 2a43241 arc flags should be an enum 5370 consistent arc_buf_hdr_t naming scheme
:large_blue_circle: 5314 c137962 d683ddb Remove "dbuf phys" db->db_data pointer aliases in ZFS
:large_blue_circle: 5347 231aab8 905edb4 idle pool may run itself out of space
:large_blue_circle: 5368 3a5286a c52fca1 ARC should cache more metadata
:large_blue_circle: 5349 f63ab3d 63e3a86 verify that block pointer is plausible before reading
:black_circle: 4181 5619b3f zfs(1m): 'zfs allow' examples in the man page are outdated
:large_blue_circle: 5351 6f6a76a 10400bf scrub goes for an extra second each txg 5352 scrub should pause when there is some dirty data
:large_blue_circle: 5348 373dc1c 7a3066f zio_checksum_error() only fills in info if ECKSUM
:large_blue_circle: 5350 e651831 08dc1b2 clean up code in dnode_sync()
:large_blue_circle: 5310 d808a4f 945dd93 Remove always true tests for non-NULL ds->ds_phys
:large_blue_circle: 5311 2a89c2c 33b4de5 traverse_dnode may report success when it should not
:red_circle: 5312 587644a libzfs should be decoupled from kernel's zfs_context.h
:large_blue_circle: 5213 1e9bd7e fb42a49 panic in metaslab_init due to space_map_open returning ENXIO
:large_blue_circle: 5179 fbefb14 3f4058c Remove unused ZFS ARC functions
:black_circle: 5316 1ed6b69 allow smbadm join to use RPC
:large_blue_circle: 5255 de710d2 f1512ee uts shouldn't open-code ISP2
:large_blue_circle: 5027 b515258 f1512ee zfs large block support
:large_blue_circle: 5244 738f37b 98b2541 zio pipeline callers should explicitly invoke next stage
:large_blue_circle: 5243 f7950bf e5fd1dd zdb -b could be much faster
:large_blue_circle: 3693 e77d42e 6c59307 restore_object uses at least two transactions to restore an object
:large_blue_circle: 5175 f8554bb 804e050 implement dmu_read_uio_dbuf() to improve cached read performance
:large_blue_circle: 5169 06be980 0ec0724 zdb should limit its ARC size 5170 zdb -c should create more scrub i/os by default 5171 zdb should print status while loading metaslabs for leak detection
:large_blue_circle: 5162 8a90470 88904bb zfs recv should use loaned arc buffer to avoid copy
:large_blue_circle: 5178 90c76c6 acf58e7 zdb -vvvvv on old-format pool fails in dump_deadlist()
:large_blue_circle: 5176 6f834bc e022864 lock contention on godfather zio
:large_blue_circle: 5177 5f37736 ebcf493 remove dead code from dsl_scan.c
:large_blue_circle: 5150 42fcb65 4b20a6f zfs clone of a defer_destroy snapshot causes strangeness
:large_blue_circle: 5174 f6164ad 64dbba3 add sdt probe for blocked read in dbuf_read()
:black_circle: 5149 893c83b zvols need a way to ignore DKIOCFREE
:black_circle: 5148 574e241 zvol's DKIOCFREE holds zfsdev_state_lock too long
:large_blue_circle: 5161 bf3e216 b8bcca1 add tunable for number of metaslabs per vdev
:large_blue_circle: 5163 83803b5 669dedb arc should reap range_seg_cache
:large_blue_circle: 5164 b1be289 9635861 space_map_max_blksz causes panic, does not work 5165 zdb fails assertion when run on pool with recently-enabled spacemap_histogram feature
:large_blue_circle: 5147 7a09f97 a05dfd0 zpool list -v should show individual disk capacity
:large_blue_circle: 5139 0fbc0cd d97aa48 SEEK_HOLE failed to report a hole at end of file
:large_blue_circle: 5140 2243853 6d9036f message about "%recv could not be opened" is printed when booting after crash
:large_blue_circle: 5134 7fa49ea 308a451 if ZFS_DEBUG or debug= is set, libzpool should enable debug prints
:large_blue_circle: 5138 af3465d 36283ca add tunable for maximum number of blocks freed in one txg
:large_blue_circle: 5136 d85a1e9 e8b96c6 fix write throttle comment in dsl_pool.c
:large_blue_circle: 5135 b18d6b0 ab2894e zpool_find_import_cached() can use fnvlist_*
:large_blue_circle: 5141 e94f268 d25b449 zfs minimum indirect block size is 4K
:large_blue_circle: 5118 75fbdf9 de0a9d7 When verifying or creating a storage pool, error messages only show one device
:large_blue_circle: 5116 3339867 1f6f97f zpool history -i goes into infinite loop
:large_blue_circle: 5117 e503a68 4f68d78 space map reallocation can cause corruption
:large_blue_circle: 5095 86bb58a 9925c28 panic when adding a duplicate dbuf to dn_dbufs
:large_blue_circle: 5047 640c167 73ad4a9 don't use atomic_*_nv if you discard the return value
:large_blue_circle: 5045 1a5e258 bc89ac8 use atomic_{inc,dec}* instead of atomic_add*
:large_blue_circle: 5049 2986efa f38dfec panic when removing log device
:large_blue_circle: 5038 7f18da4 5aea364 Remove "old-style" flexible array usage in ZFS.
:large_blue_circle: 5039 539eed8 4d6369c ztest should default to larger device sizes
:large_blue_circle: 5034 63e911b 49ddb31 ARC's buf_hash_table is too small
:large_blue_circle: 4873 0f6d88a 8951cb8 zvol unmap calls can take a very long time for larger datasets
:large_blue_circle: 4976 2e4c998 f3a7f66 zfs should only avoid writing to a failing non-redundant top-level vdev 4977 mdb error in ::spa_space from space_cb() if a metaslab's ms_sm is NULL 4978 ztest fails in get_metaslab_refcount() 4979 extend free space histogram to device and pool 4980 metaslabs should have a fragmentation metric 4981 remove fragmented ops vector from block allocator 4982 space_map object should proactively upgrade when feature is enabled 4983 need to collect metaslab information via mdb 4984 device selection should use fragmentation metric
:large_blue_circle: 5008 c9030f6 e16b3fc lock contention (rrw_exit) while running a read only load
:large_blue_circle: 4753 73527f4 acbad6f increase number of outstanding async writes when sync task is waiting
:large_blue_circle: 4631 bbfa8ea bd089c5 zvol_get_stats triggering too many reads
:large_blue_circle: 4958 2a104a5 b02fe35 zdb trips assert on pools with ashift >= 0xe
:large_blue_circle: 4970 e42d205 dea377c need controls on i/o issued by zpool import -XF 4971 zpool import -T should accept hex values 4972 zpool import -T implies extreme rewind, and thus a scrub 4973 spa_load_retry retries the same txg 4974 spa_load_verify() reads all data twice
:large_blue_circle: 4975 d2b3cbb 58c4aa0 missing mutex_destroy() calls in zfs
:large_blue_circle: 4951 c39f2c8 0c60cc3 ZFS administrative commands should use reserved space, not fail with ENOSPC (fix call) Approved by: Christopher Siden
:large_blue_circle: 4951 7d46dc6 3d45fdd ZFS administrative commands should use reserved space, not fail with ENOSPC
:large_blue_circle: 4966 cd67d23 3e43edd zpool list iterator does not update output
:large_blue_circle: 4953 33cde0d e3e670d zfs rename need not involve libshare 4954 "zfs create" need not involve libshare if we are not sharing 4955 libshare's get_zfs_dataset need not sort the datasets
:large_blue_circle: 4950 4bb7380 19d5507 files sometimes can't be removed from a full filesystem
:large_blue_circle: 4929 b461c74 1715493 want prevsnap property
:large_blue_circle: 4924 b8289d2 62bdd5e LZ4 Compression for metadata
:large_blue_circle: 4936 58d0718 ee47122 lz4 could theoretically overflow a pointer with a certain input
:large_blue_circle: 4914 7802d7b 5dbd68a zfs on-disk bookmark structure should be named *_phys_t
:large_blue_circle: 4756 30beaff 080b310 metaslab_group_preload() could deadlock
:large_blue_circle: 4897 3038a2b 3bec585 Space accounting mismatch in L2ARC/zpool
:large_blue_circle: 4891 df15e41 9867e8b want zdb option to dump all metadata
:large_blue_circle: 4881 06315b7 1fa8f79 zfs send performance degradation when embedded block pointers are encountered
:large_blue_circle: 4390 7fd05ac fbeddd6 i/o errors when deleting filesystem/zvol can lead to space map corruption
:large_blue_circle: 4757 5d7b4d4 9b67f60 ZFS embedded-data block pointers ("zero block compression") 4913 zfs release should not be subject to space checks
:large_blue_circle: 4901 adf3407 a0c9a17 zfs filesystem/snapshot limit leaks
:large_blue_circle: 4745 6907ca4 411bf20 fix AVL code misspellings
:large_blue_circle: 3897 fb7001f ca227e5 zfs filesystem and snapshot limits (fix leak) Approved by: Christopher Siden
:large_blue_circle: 3835 edf345e faf0f58 zfs need not store 2 copies of all metadata
:large_blue_circle: 4730 be08211 3c51c5c metaslab group taskq should be destroyed in metaslab_group_destroy()
:large_blue_circle: 4698 9c720e3 4fcc437 fix builds by gcc44 on sparc
:large_blue_circle: 3897 a2afb61 788eb90 zfs filesystem and snapshot limits
:large_blue_circle: 4754 b6240e8 672692c io issued to near-full luns even after setting noalloc threshold 4755 mg_alloc_failures is no longer needed
:large_blue_circle: 4752 1b497ab aa9af22 fan out read zio taskqs
:large_blue_circle: 4374 bf16b11 9bd274d dn_free_ranges should use range_tree_t
:large_blue_circle: 3993 c58b352 2a8b84b zpool(1M) and zfs(1M) should support -p for "list" and "get" 4700 "zpool get" doesn't support -H or -o options
:large_blue_circle: 4573 7dbbcd8 10b7549 ZFS snapshot alias
:large_blue_circle: 4571 b55998b 6e1b9d0 Add documentation for -T and interval to "zpool list"
:large_blue_circle: 4570 e902ed8 b1d13a6 Document dedupditto pool property 4572 Dedup-related documentation additions for zpool and zdb. 1371 Add -D option description to zpool(1M) manpage
:large_blue_circle: 3947 409f1c0 7f9d994 zpool(1M) references nonexistent zfs-features(5) 4540 zpool(1M) man page doesn't describe "readonly" property 3948 zfs sync=default is not accepted 4611 zfs(1M) still mentions 'send -r' in synopsis 4415 zpool(1M) man page missing "import -m" description
:large_blue_circle: 4638 2144b12 f3c9dca Panic in ZFS via rfs3_setattr()/rfs3_write(): dirtying snapshot!
:large_blue_circle: 4626 fb13f48 02f8fe4 libzfs memleak in zpool_in_use()
:large_blue_circle: 4574 03d1795 36f92e9 get_clones_stat does not call zap_count in non-debug kernel
:large_blue_circle: 4504 48f1b90 8b46464 traverse_visitbp: visit DMU_GROUPUSED_OBJECT before DMU_USERUSED_OBJECT
:large_blue_circle: 3995 71cb1b7 1ca546b Memory leak of compressed buffers in l2arc_write_done
:large_blue_circle: 4391 8b36997 78e2739 panic system rather than corrupting pool if we hit bug 4390
:large_blue_circle: 4369 78f1710 da53684 implement zfs bookmarks 4368 zfs send filesystems from readonly pools
:large_blue_circle: 4121 973c78e dda12da vdev_label_init should treat request as succeeded when pool is read only
:large_blue_circle: 4206 f38cb55 2820bc4 history_003_pos relies on exact size of history log and entries 4207 history_008_pos depends on obsolete internal history log message 4208 Typo in zfs_main.c: "posxiuser" 4209 Populate zfstest with the remainder of the STF tests
:large_blue_circle: 4370 43466aa b0bc7a8 avoid transmitting holes during zfs send 4371 DMU code clean up
:large_blue_circle: 4373 994fb6b cfec5b1 add block contents print to zstreamdump
:large_blue_circle: 4188 bb411a0 2e7b765 assertion failed in dmu_tx_hold_free(): dn_datablkshift != 0
:black_circle: 3580 a0b6056 Want zvols to return volblocksize when queried for physical block size
:large_blue_circle: 4347 e722410 384f8a0 ZPL can use dmu_tx_assign(TXG_WAIT)
:large_blue_circle: 4322 c50d56f e5bacf2 ZFS deadlock on dp_config_rwlock
:red_circle: 4128 39cddb1 disks in zpools never go away when pulled
:large_blue_circle: 2583 43d68d6 54d5378 Add -p (parsable) option to zfs list
:black_circle: 3928 72102e7 tail -f ... doesn't notice file truncation 3929 man tail doesn't mentioned "-F" option 3930 'tail -F ...' not resetting the offset of file rotation properly 3968 want FILE_TRUNC event for PORT_SOURCE_FILE
:black_circle: 4161 b3d32f0 deadlock between zfs_read() and zfs_putpage()
:large_blue_circle: 4089 57815f6 0ed212d NULL pointer dereference in arc_read()
:large_blue_circle: 4088 ccc22e1 47fe91b use after free in arc_release()
:large_blue_circle: 3964 e4be62a 4e59f47 L2ARC should always compress metadata buffers
:large_blue_circle: 4171 2acef22 fa86b5d clean up spa_feature_*() interfaces 4172 implement extensible_dataset feature for use by other zpool features
:large_blue_circle: 4168 7fdd916 2fbc542 ztest assertion failure in dbuf_undirty 4169 verbatim import causes zdb to segfault 4170 zhack leaves pool in ACTIVE state
:large_blue_circle: 4101 0713e23 93cf207 metaslab_debug should allow for fine-grained control 4102 space_maps should store more information about themselves 4103 space map object blocksize should be increased 4104 ::spa_space no longer works 4105 removing a mirrored log device results in a leaked object 4106 asynchronously load metaslab
:black_circle: 1974 cf74676 pages_pp_maximum/lotsfree discrepancy leads to mlock() failure
:large_blue_circle: 4082 5253393 92bc214 zfs receive gets EFBIG from dmu_tx_hold_free()
:large_blue_circle: 3954 22e3098 ac72fac metaslabs continue to load even after hitting zfs_mg_alloc_failure limit 4080 zpool clear fails to clear pool 4081 need zfs_mg_noalloc_threshold
:large_blue_circle: 4045 69962b5 e8b96c6 zfs write throttle & i/o scheduler performance work
:large_blue_circle: 1765 9edf9eb eaa52d3 assert triggered in libzfs_import.c trying to import pool name beginning with a number
:red_circle: 2932 810e43b support crash dumps to raidz, etc. pools
:large_blue_circle: 4046 b62969f a169a62 dsl_dataset_t ds_dir->dd_lock is highly contended
:large_blue_circle: 4061 2fbdf8d 8ce0af0 libzfs: memory leak in iter_dependents_cb()
:large_blue_circle: 4047 713d6c2 b663a23 panic from dbuf_free_range() from dmu_free_object() while doing zfs receive
:large_blue_circle: 3996 a7027df 46ba1e5 want a libzfs_core API to rollback to latest snapshot
:large_blue_circle: 4039 18e6497 812e91a zfs_rename()/zfs_link() needs stronger test for XDEV
:large_blue_circle: 3956 b4952e1 5d1f7fb ::vdev -r should work with pipelines 3957 ztest should update the cachefile before killing itself 3958 multiple scans can lead to partial resilvering 3959 ddt entries are not always resilvered 3960 dsl_scan can skip over dedup-ed blocks if physical birth != logical birth 3961 freed gang blocks are not resilvered and can cause pool to suspend 3962 ztest should print out zfs debug buffer before exiting
:large_blue_circle: 3955 be9000c 383fc4a ztest failure: assertion refcount_count(&tx->tx_space_written) + delta <= tx->tx_space_towrite
:large_blue_circle: 3949 2c1e2b4 621dd7b ztest fault injection should avoid resilvering devices 3950 ztest: deadman fires when we're doing a scan 3951 ztest hang when running dedup test 3952 ztest: ztest_reguid test and ztest_fault_inject don't place nice together
:large_blue_circle: 3973 a0c1127 9554185 zfs_ioc_rename alters passed in zc->zc_name
:black_circle: 348 a5b5777 ZFS should handle DKIOCGMEDIAINFOEXT failure
:large_blue_circle: 3909 36f7455 6389d42 "zfs send -D" does not work
:large_blue_circle: 3834 2f3d878 ea97f8c incremental replication of 'holey' file systems is slow
:large_blue_circle: 3888 34f2f8c 1958067 zfs recv -F should destroy any snapshots created since the incremental source
:large_blue_circle: 3894 ca48f36 96c2e96 zfs should not allow snapshot of inconsistent dataset
:large_blue_circle: 3875 91948b5 831baf0 panic in zfs_root() after failed rollback
:large_blue_circle: 3836 9cb154a 2883cad zio_free() can be processed immediately in the common case
:large_blue_circle: 3829 bb6e707 1a07775 fix for 3740 changed behavior of zfs destroy/hold/release ioctl
:large_blue_circle: 3818 7f2416e 34ffbed zpool status -x should report pools with removed l2arc devices
:large_blue_circle: 3740 a7a845e 95fd54a Poor ZFS send / receive performance due to snapshot hold / release processing
:large_blue_circle: 3749 3cb69f7 e6cfd63 zfs event processing should work on R/O root filesystems
:large_blue_circle: 3747 b3d9f2e 090ff09 txg commit callbacks don't work
:large_blue_circle: 3745 8b71377 7bc7f25 zpool create should treat -O mountpoint and -m the same 3811 zpool create -o altroot=/xyz -O mountpoint=/mnt ignores the mountpoint option
:large_blue_circle: 3744 fc7a6e3 d09f25d zfs shouldn't ignore errors unmounting snapshots
:large_blue_circle: 3743 b287be1 3a84951 zfs needs a refcount audit
:large_blue_circle: 3742 f717074 d3cc8b1 zfs comments need cleaner, more consistent style
:large_blue_circle: 3741 3e30c24 e49f1e2 zfs needs better comments
:large_blue_circle: 3805 6e6d586 df4474f arc shouldn't cache freed blocks
:large_blue_circle: 3137 aad0257 3a17a7a L2ARC compression
:large_blue_circle: 3699 013023d b1118ac zfs hold or release of a non-existent snapshot does not output error 3739 cannot set zfs quota or reservation on pool version < 22
:black_circle: 3705 d8fa96c stack overflow due to zfs lz4 compression
:large_blue_circle: 3642 4a92375 2696dfa dsl_scan_active() should not issue I/O to determine if async destroying is active 3643 txg_delay should not hold the tc_lock
:large_blue_circle: 3645 de8d9cf 7ec0928 dmu_send_impl: possibilty of pool hold leak 3692 Panic on zfs receive of a recursive deduplicated stream
:large_blue_circle: 3654 d5ee8a1 8301731 zdb should print number of ganged blocks 3655 ::rrwlock and ::refcount print errors on non-debug kernels 3656 remove unused function zap_cursor_move_to_key() 3657 mdb_ctf_vread() should allow conversion of pointer to uintptr_t
:large_blue_circle: 3639 fb02ae0 c61f97f zpool.cache should skip over readonly pools 3640 want automatic devid updates
:large_blue_circle: 3641 490d05b d586964 want a histogram of compressed block sizes
:large_blue_circle: 3618 c55e05c cb682a1 ::zio dcmd does not show timestamp data
:large_blue_circle: 3606 b3a6f80 c5b247f zpool status -x shouldn't warn about old on-disk format
:large_blue_circle: 3604 7706186 0743485 zdb should print bpobjs more verbosely (fix zdb hang)
:large_blue_circle: 3598 be6fd75 2e528b4 want to dtrace when errors are generated in zfs
:large_blue_circle: 3517 efb4a87 7011fb6 importing pool with autoreplace=on and "hole" vdevs crashes syseventd
:large_blue_circle: 3603 d047563 d1fada1 panic from bpobj_enqueue_subobj() 3604 zdb should print bpobjs more verbosely
:large_blue_circle: 3582 0689f76 63fd3c6 zfs_delay() should support a variable resolution 3584 DTrace sdt probes for ZFS txg states
:large_blue_circle: 3464 3b2aab1 13fe019 zfs synctask code needs restructuring
:large_blue_circle: 3581 ec94d32 7ef5e54 spa_zio_taskq[ZIO_TYPE_FREE][ZIO_TASKQ_ISSUE]->tq_lock is piping hot
:large_blue_circle: 3543 62eae88 8dca0a9 Feature flags causes assertion in spa.c to miss certain cases
:large_blue_circle: 3588 77372cb 24a6465 provide zfs properties for logical (uncompressed) space used and referenced
:large_blue_circle: 3552 03f8c36 7a61440 condensing one space map burns 3 seconds of CPU in spa_sync() thread (fix race condition)
:large_blue_circle: 3557 c61ea56 59d4c71 dumpvp_size is not updated correctly when a dump zvol's size is changed 3558 setting the volsize on a dump device does not return back ENOSPC 3559 setting a volsize larger than the space available sometimes succeeds 3560 dumpadm should be able to remove a dump device
:large_blue_circle: 3578 9eb57f7 c2e42f9 transferring the freed map to the defer map should be constant time 3579 ztest trips assertion in metaslab_weight()
:large_blue_circle: 3552 16a4a80 e51be06 condensing one space map burns 3 seconds of CPU in spa_sync() thread 3564 spa_sync() spends 5-10% of its time in metaslab_sync() (when not condensing) 3566 recursive mutex panic in specfs
:large_blue_circle: 3561 20128a0 23c0a13 arc_meta_limit should be exposed via kstats 3116 zpool reguid may log negative guids to internal SPA history
:large_blue_circle: 3537 c3a6601 330847f want pool io kstats
:large_blue_circle: 3522 d5285ca a117a6d zfs module should not allow uninitialized variables
:large_blue_circle: 3512 644b952 67629d0 rounding discrepancy in sa_find_sizes() 3513 mismatch between SA header size and layout
:large_blue_circle: 3507 9dc3941 43a696e Tunable to allow block allocation even on degraded vdevs
:large_blue_circle: 3498 1b912ec 294f680 panic in arc_read(): !refcount_is_zero(&pbuf->b_hdr->b_refcnt)
:large_blue_circle: 3465 28e4da2 d21f279 ::walk ... :: misinterprets input as symbol names 3466 ::tsd should handle missing/NULL values better 3467 mdb_ctf_vread() could be more useful 3468 mdb enhancements for zfs development 3470 ::whatis does not print callers from KMF_LITE 3473 mdb_get_module() returns wrong module
:black_circle: 3371 52fd748 dumpadm -z is not documented in manpage 3380 zfs man page: documentation for zfs allow is confusing
:large_blue_circle: 3422 bda8819 295304b zpool create/syseventd race yield non-importable pool 3425 first write to a new zvol can fail with EFBIG
:large_blue_circle: 3035 a6f561b 9759c60 LZ4 compression support in ZFS and GRUB
:large_blue_circle: 3447 adbbcff 89103a2 improve the comment in txg.c
:large_blue_circle: 3397 e690fb2 e6f7d01 zdb output is too verbose 3398 zdb can't dump feature flags zap objects
:black_circle: 3254 71dbfc2 add support in zfs for aclmode=restricted
:large_blue_circle: 3236 7540df3 03c6040 zio nop-write (fix uninitialized variables)
:large_blue_circle: 3236 80901ae 03c6040 zio nop-write
:large_blue_circle: 3349 25345e4 ea0b253 zpool upgrade -V bumps the on disk version number, but leaves the in core version
:large_blue_circle: 3329 01f55e4 55d85d5 spa_sync() spends 10-20% of its time in spa_free_sync_cb() 3330 space_seg_t should have its own kmem_cache 3331 deferred frees should happen after sync_pass 1 3335 make SYNC_PASS_* constants tunable
:large_blue_circle: 3306 31d7e8f 5853fe7 zdb should be able to issue reads in parallel 3321 'zpool reopen' command should be documented in the man page and help message
:large_blue_circle: 3246 283b846 cc92e9d ZFS I/O deadman thread
:large_blue_circle: 3258 741652b 9d81146 ztest's use of file descriptors is unstable
:large_blue_circle: 3145 9253d63 1eb5bfa single-copy arc 3212 ztest: race condition between vdev_online() and spa_vdev_remove()
:large_blue_circle: 3208 e828a46 a94addd moving zpool cross-endian results in incorrect user/group accounting
:large_blue_circle: 1126 bde2df3 e43b290 date(1)'s usage message doesn't mention -R 1788 "WARNING: Cannot lookup root device: /devices" is useless when rootfs is zfs 1828 powerd's "Able to open /dev/srn" notice is useless 2547 Minor updates to README 2678 zfs manpage mis-identifies checksum default value 2811 missing implementation: zfs send -r 3199 Update copyright years in usr/src/prototypes/
:large_blue_circle: 3139 1ce39b5 b23ad7f zdb dies when it tries to determine path of unlinked file
:large_blue_circle: 3189 8f0b538 b077fd4 kernel panic in ZFS test suite during hotspare_onoffline_004_neg
:large_blue_circle: 3064 fe7cd8a af909a1 usr/src/cmd/zpool/zpool_main.c misspells "successful" 3067 Typo in spelling "succssful"
:large_blue_circle: 3098 70f56fa 105afeb zfs userspace/groupspace fail without saying why when run as non-root
:large_blue_circle: 3006 fb09f5a c99c900 VERIFY[S,U,P] and ASSERT[S,U,P] frequently check if first argument is zero
:large_blue_circle: 1884 89f5d17 5990da8 Empty "used" field for zfs *space commands 3028 zfs {group,user}space -n prints (null) instead of numeric GID/UID 3048 zfs {user,group}space [-s
:large_blue_circle: 3129 d6afdce 6594735 'zpool reopen' restarts resilvers 3130 ztest failure: Assertion failed: 0 == dmu_objset_destroy(name, B_FALSE) (0x0 == 0x10)
:large_blue_circle: 3122 b470933 96b8934 zfs destroy filesystem should prefetch blocks
:large_blue_circle: 3112 cd1c8b8 498877b ztest does not honor ZFS_DEBUG 3113 ztest should use watchpoints to protect frozen arc bufs 3114 some leaked nvlists in zfsdev_ioctl 3115 poll(2) returns prematurely in presence of spurious wakeups
:large_blue_circle: 1862 31495a1 ff80d9b incremental zfs receive fails for sparse file > 8PB
:large_blue_circle: 3104 f174573 753c383 eliminate empty bpobjs
:large_blue_circle: 3120 f4c46b1 d3773fd zinject hangs in zfsdev_ioctl() due to uninitialized zc
:large_blue_circle: 3100 2e2c135 0443477 zvol rename fails with EBUSY when dirty 3103 zfs mdb module may get wrong refcount struct
:large_blue_circle: 3090 dfbb943 3bc7e0f vdev_reopen() during reguid causes vdev to be treated as corrupt 3102 vdev_uberblock_load() and vdev_validate() may read the wrong label
:large_blue_circle: 3086 ce636f8 29809a6 unnecessarily setting DS_FLAG_INCONSISTENT on async destroyed datasets
:large_blue_circle: 2399 3b8be6b 0677cb6 zfs manual page does not document use of "zfs diff"
:large_blue_circle: 3085 347eec8 9e11c7e zfs diff panics, then panics in a loop on booting
:large_blue_circle: 2762 5722177 b9b24bb zpool command should have better support for feature flags
:large_blue_circle: 1796 65fec9f e956d65 "ZFS HOLD" should not be used when doing "ZFS SEND" from a read-only pool 2871 support for __ZFS_POOL_RESTRICT used by ZFS test suite 2903 zfs destroy -d does not work 2957 zfs destroy -R/r sometimes fails when removing defer-destroyed snapshot
:large_blue_circle: 2882 4445fff 6f1ffb0 implement libzfs_core 2883 changing "canmount" property to "on" should not always remount dataset 2900 "zfs snapshot" should be able to create multiple, arbitrary snapshots at once
:large_blue_circle: 2901 534029e c578f00 ZFS receive fails for exabyte sparse files
:large_blue_circle: 2618 fc98fea 5c83989 arc.c mistypes in the comments
:large_blue_circle: 2803 f0f3ef5 08b1b21 zfs get guid pretty-prints the output
:large_blue_circle: 2619 53089ab 9ae529e asynchronous destruction of ZFS file systems (missed files)
:large_blue_circle: 2619 ad135b5 9ae529e asynchronous destruction of ZFS file systems 2747 SPA versioning with zfs feature flags
:large_blue_circle: 2703 4e3c9f4 37abac6 add mechanism to report ZFS send progress
:black_circle: 1618 94dd93a zfs causing system to hang in vmem_xalloc()
:large_blue_circle: 2665 2384d9f 32a9872 sd.conf should be able to override physical-block-size 2671 zpool import should not fail if vdev ashift has increased
:large_blue_circle: 2635 6a9cb0e db49968 'zfs rename -f' to perform force unmount
:large_blue_circle: 2077 33f5ff1 cfe86c0 lots of unreachable breaks in illumos gate
:large_blue_circle: 934 e21ea67 fc80384 FreeBSD's GPT not recognized
:large_blue_circle: 2088 90e894e dd4769a zdb could use a reasonable manual page
:black_circle: 2130 c08b163 zvol DKIOCFREE uses nested DMU transactions
:large_blue_circle: 1936 441cac7 e346ec2 add support for "-t " argument to zfs get
:large_blue_circle: 763 654b400 3cee226 FMD msg URLs should refer to something visible
:large_blue_circle: 1557 aa846ad 844793c assertion failed in userland taskq_destroy()
:large_blue_circle: 2067 05c998d ad60af8 uninitialized variables in zfs(1M) may make snapshots undestroyable
:large_blue_circle: 1951 cd0837c 5ffb9d1 leaking a vdev when removing an l2cache device 1952 memory leak when adding a file-based l2arc device 1954 leak in ZFS from metaslab_group_create and zfs_ereport_checksum
:large_blue_circle: 1949 d7f601e c7f2d69 crash during reguid causes stale config 1953 allow and unallow missing from zpool history since removal of pyzfs 1955 sderr kstat should expand when a LUN is expanded
:large_blue_circle: 1909 840345f ebf8e3a disk sync write perf regression when slog is used post oi_148
:large_blue_circle: 1950 420dfc9 c242c18 ztest backwards compatibility testing option
:large_blue_circle: 1948 4263d13 1bd201e zpool list should show more detailed pool information
:large_blue_circle: 1946 e1d5e50 95bcd51 incorrect formatting when listing output of multiple pools with zpool iostat -v
:large_blue_circle: 1977 c560ed2 79e7224 zfs allow arguments not parsed correctly after pyzfs removal
:black_circle: 1898 eb8977c Kernel assertion in zfs_putpage() raised by rfs_write()
:large_blue_circle: 1888 6658b4f bb8b81e zfs(1M) should mention zfs recv -e
:large_blue_circle: 1726 a640714 684e8c0 Removal of pyzfs broke delegation for volumes
:large_blue_circle: 1693 8704186 d96eb2b persistent 'comment' field for a zpool
:large_blue_circle: 1644 19b94df 330d06f add ZFS "clones" property 1645 add ZFS "written" and "written@..." properties 1646 "zfs send" should estimate size of stream 1647 "zfs destroy" should determine space reclaimed by destroying multiple snapshots 1708 adjust size of zpool history data
:large_blue_circle: 1748 e9103aa 3541dc6 desire support for reguid in zfs
:large_blue_circle: 1661 383e7c7 c475167 ZFS bug in sa_find_sizes() that can lead to panic 1313 Integer overflow in txg_delay() (fix copyright)
:large_blue_circle: 1346 1df56ad 7d5cd71 zfs incremental receive may leave behind temporary clones 1356 zfs dataset prefetch code not working
:large_blue_circle: 1313 61bb40e cddafdc Integer overflow in txg_delay()
:large_blue_circle: 1475 9dccfd2 22cd4a4 zfs spill block hold can access invalid spill blkptr
:large_blue_circle: 1337 ce72e61 2402458 `zpool status -D' should tell if there are no DDT entries
:large_blue_circle: 734 5aeb947 a38718a taskq_dispatch_prealloc() desired 943 zio_interrupt ends up calling taskq_dispatch with TQ_SLEEP
:large_blue_circle: 1092 187d6ac f5fc4ac zfs refratio property
:large_blue_circle: 952 9d439f9 187632d separate intent logs should be obvious in 'zpool iostat' output
:large_blue_circle: 883 c9ba2a4 3e31d2b ZIL reuse during remount can lead to data corruption
:large_blue_circle: 1051 09c9d37 6d97422 zfs should handle imbalanced luns
:black_circle: 742 a3c49ce Resurrect the ZFS "aclmode" property 664 Umask masking "deny" ACL entries. 279 Bug in the new ACL (post-PSARC/2010/029) semantics
:large_blue_circle: 175 b68a40a 2cc6c8d zfs vdev cache consumes excessive memory
:large_blue_circle: 755 ec5cf9d 8d35c14 dmu_recv_stream builds incomplete guid_to_ds_map
:large_blue_circle: 764 3f2366c ef3c1de panic in zfs:dbuf_sync_list
:black_circle: 701 b77b923 UNMAP support for COMSTAR
:large_blue_circle: 510 5ead3ed bb939d1 'zfs get' enhancement - mountpoint as an argument
:black_circle: 184 c4fc6b2 zfs_putpage() optimization
:large_blue_circle: 278 1af68be 0b7936d get rid zfs of python and pyzfs dependencies

The list of OpenZFS commits was automatically generated as follows:

$ git clone openzfs
$ cd openzfs
$ git log --oneline -- \                                          
  usr/src/uts/common/fs/zfs/sys usr/src/uts/common/fs/zfs usr/src/cmd/zdb \
  usr/src/cmd/zfs usr/src/cmd/zhack usr/src/cmd/zinject usr/src/cmd/zpool \
  usr/src/cmd/zstreamdump usr/src/cmd/ztest usr/src/lib/libzfs \
  usr/src/lib/libzfs_core usr/src/lib/libzpool usr/src/man/man1m/zdb.1m \
  usr/src/man/man1m/zfs.1m usr/src/man/man1m/zpool.1m \
  usr/src/man/man1m/zstreamdump.1m usr/src/common/zfs \
  usr/src/uts/common/fs/zfs | sed 's#Reviewed.*##'